Gender equality index

In accordance with the decree relating to the methods of application and calculation of the Gender Equality Index published in the Journal Officiel on January 9, 2019, CNIM Groupe publishes the scores obtained in 2020 for the Unité Economique et Sociale CNIM (UES CNIM): 74/100


Gender equality index 74
Pay gap indicator 34
Increase rate gap indicator 10
Promotion rate gap indicator 15
Return from maternity leave indicator 15
Indicator 10 highest pay 0

Composition of the UES CNIM
CNIM Groupe
CNIM Environnement & Energie EPC
CNIM Environnement & Energie Services
CNIM Systèmes Industriels
CNIM Mutual Services

As required by law, this index was calculated on the basis of the five indicators below and was presented in detail to the Social and Economic Committees in February 2022.

  • the gender pay gap, 
  • the spread of individual increases, 
  • the spread of promotions, 
  • the number of employees increased upon their return from maternity leave, 
  • the number of people of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest paid. 

In previous years, we have undertaken actions to verify the absence of unjustified differences between men's and women's pay, to check the consistency of promotions and to promote gender diversity. Negotiations are scheduled from the first quarter of 2021 between management and the representative trade union organizations in order to pursue our principles of respect for professional equality in terms of remuneration and promotion between employees with equal functions, equivalent skills, age and seniority. The agreements will include specific measures to achieve an Index of over 75 for all CNIM Group entities.