3 December 2019

Treatment and recovery of waste

Waste Incineration BREF and BAT conclusions – Explanatory and Guidance document (E&G-d) and other documents

The Waste Incineration BAT conclusions, the basis to reassess and update the environmental permits of waste incineration plants in Europe, have been adopted by the European Commission on the 12 of November 2019 and have been published on the 3rd of December 2019 in the Official Journal of the European Union in 23 EU languages. The new requirements will have to be implemented in permits of all European plants within 4 years from the date of the publication.

Despite being part of a more comprehensive document, the Waste Incineration BREF, which is expected to be published at the end of the year and only in English, BAT conclusions are meant to be a stand-alone document that serves as a reference for permits. However, a lot of practical information which will be necessary for the BAT conclusions implementation is missing from the document and is not otherwise available to the main users of BAT conclusions – plant operators and competent authorities.

For this reason, CEWEP, ESWET, FEAD and Euroheat & Powerthe European organisations that participated in the Technical Working Group for the review of the Waste Incineration BREF, decided to publish an Explanatory and Guidance document (E&G-d).

It consists of a main document, an executive summary and 7 annexes, and aims to explain the most difficult issues which are left unaddressed, the needed contextual information and some proposals and forms to fill in that can be useful for the implementation and harmonisation of Waste Incineration BAT conclusions in Europe and elsewhere.

The E&G-d was written in English by CEWEP, ESWET, FEAD and Euroheat & Power with the very active contribution of several members of SNIDE, SVDU, FNADE, French associations in which CNIM representatives played a major role

to access the summary of documents relevant to a good understanding of the BAT conclusions on incineration
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CONTENT of the Explanatory & Guidance document (E&G‐d):

ANNEX 1 – Abbreviations and acronyms with explanations + TEFs
2.a The NOC/OTNOC/R‐EOT issue
2.b NOC‐OTNOC identification for WI air emissions
2.c Detection of OTNOCs related to air emissions at stack by using control system signals
ANNEXES 3 – Monitoring and uncertainties (air emissions)
3.a The uncertainty issue
3.b About the INERIS study and standards requirements
3.c QAL2 calibration examples
3.d Upcoming standards
ANNEX 4 – Calculation of Energy efficiency according to BAT conclusions
ANNEX 5 – Comments on some BAT conclusions
ANNEXES 6 – Forms to assess the implementation of BATs in a plant
6.a BAT‐conclusions checklist for Energy‐from‐Waste installations incinerating MSW and similar waste and/or Sewage sludge and/or Clinical waste
6.b BAT‐conclusions checklist for IBA treatment plants
ANNEX 7 – Frequently Asked Questions

Summary of documents