27 February 2017

Helsingør Kraftvarmeværk A/S opts for LAB flue gas treatment for its biomass power plant

Whilst the Danish city of Helsingør (Elsinore) is renowned as the inspiration for Shakespeare's tragedy, Hamlet, it is also well known for the attention paid by industrialists and energy producers to controlling their greenhouse gas emissions.

Helsingør Kraftvarmeværk A/S is a major player in the supply of utilities (electricity, district heating and water) and energy recovery from waste.

The contract won by LAB is part of the plan to change the Helsingør power plant over to an alternative fuel.  Currently running on gas, the plant is being converted to biomass in order to meet the energy and environmental performance targets for Helsingør Kraftvarmeværk A/S, in particular the reduction in CO2 emissions.

LAB is charged with the design, engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of a combined flue gas treatment system, namely a SecoLAB® dry process followed by an installation combining flue gas condensation and humidification of combustion air.

The Helsingør power plant will therefore soon become a combined heat and electricity generator using one and the same fuel, biomass. The plant will have an electrical capacity of 16 MW and a thermal capacity of 58,5 MW on the urban heating grid, 15 MW of which will be derived from flue gas condensation. Commissioning is planned for winter 2018-2019.

It should be noted that this contract reaffirms the confidence that this client's parent company has already placed in LAB. In fact, LAB has just started up the flue gas treatment installation with condensation system for the new energy recovery from waste line at the Nordforbrænding plant in Hørsholm (10 tonnes/hour of household waste) for its client Norfors, also a shareholder in Helsingor Kraftvarmeværk.

LAB, which offers a complete range of flue gas treatment processes, uses all types of biomass fuel: domestic wood, wood-chips, bagasse and cereal straw. 

About Helsingør Kraftvarmeværk A/S
The company is jointly owned by I/S Norfors, the authority delegated by five municipalities in North Zealand (Allerød, Fredensborg, Elsinore, Hørsholm and Rudersdal) to manage their municipal waste, and Supply Elsinore (Forsyning Helsingør A/S), an electricity, water and district heating supplier.