11 March 2010

Termovalorizzatore : The Waste-to-Energy Plant of Turin (Italy)

Termovalorizzatore : The Waste-to-Energy Plant of Turin (Italy)


The construction site of the new waste-to-energy plant of Turin (Piemont - Italy) was officially launched on February 8th, 2010.

This date is the beginning of 1080 days of works before the delivery of this installation.

This starting up follows upon the signature on January 25th, 2010 of the supplying turnkey integrated solution between TRM SpA and the consortium companies led by the Group CNIM, associated with its Italian partners UNIECO and COOPSETTE. One year operating services of the center is included in this contract.

TRM SpA’s company was created in 2002 by the City of Turin and the surrounding communities to be the specific supervisor of this project.

The waste-to-energy plan or "Termovalorizzatore" in Italian language is located at Gerbido in the southern suburb of Turin. It will be able to handle an annual nominal amount of 421,000 tons of household and similar waste from a selective rubbish.

The plant will consist of:

  • 3 incineration lines with a capacity of 22.5 tons of waste with a calorific value of 11MJ/kg
  • a LAB flue gas dry treatment with bicarbonate soda and charcoal combined with a catalytic treatment of NOx (DeNOx SCR) to ensure minimized environmental impact.
  • recovered and valued energy from an electricity production of nearly 350,000 MWh per year to ensure the consumption of around 150,000 homes and heat for district heating nearly 170,000 MWh heat per year corresponding about 17,000 homes.

The architecture of this plant has been designed by the famous design and architecture firm of Turin "Bertone" which is particularly well known for its work in the sport and luxury car design. 
The willingness of the supervisor is to make this a showcase equipment available to the public especially with a panoramic 120m lift buil it along the chimney.

This waste-to-energy recovery is the first realization in the Turin area