23 September 2009

Italy: Opening Ceremony of the new Energonut plant near Pozzilli

Italy: Opening Ceremony of the new Energonut plant near Pozzilli


The opening ceremony of the new Energonut plant located in Pozzilli (province of Molise midway between Naples and Rome) in Italy, was held on last September 18th,. Mr Vsevolod Dmitrieff Chairman of the Supervisory Board of CNIM Group, Mr Stefano Costa Member of the Management Board and General Manager of the Environment Division of the Group, our partners Veolia, and many local dignitaries were present. 

The waste incineration plant has been in operation from 1997 until 2005 and was designed and built to burn biomass like nuts residues residues and residues from olive oil production. 

The reconstruction of the plant decided in 2005 - to rebuilt the plant to work solely with new fuels (RDF: Refuse-Derived-Fuel: fuel from high-calorific waste) and was completely realized by CNIM. 

The plant was then equipped with the Martin reverse-acting grate which was installed in the factory and was specifically designed for waste with high calorific value and fuel from the waste. 

The owner and the developer of this private plant is the Energonut SpA Company which belongs to 60 % to Veolia Italy and 40 % to CNIM. 

Currently, the installation works with waste with high calorific value with a processing capacity of about 70 000t/an which is the equivalent to 24 000 tonnes of oil saved by ensuring continuous production of electrical power for about 15 000 families.