20 September 2011

EDA-R: the first production "L-CAT" in action

EDA-R: the first production "L-CAT" in action


EDA-R (Fast-Amphibious Landing Craft) No. 1, the first production of a landing craft from the L-CAT family, manufactured by CNIM for the National Navy, arrived at the end of June in La Seyne-sur-Mer (South of France), where it started its trials, under the contract for four craft signed by the French Army in 2010.

The contract speed tests undertaken in late August will be followed, in coming weeks, by tests to board and land military vehicles on various sites (beaches, ramps and quays), and also tests relating to actions with the carrying vessel (Landing Barges Transport of the Foudre class and Projection and Command Vessel of the Mistral class). EDA-R No. 1 will then be delivered in mid-October to the National Navy for admission to active service.

For its part, EDA-R No. 2 will arrive in La Seyne in October, and will be delivered to the National Navy at the end of the year. The other two EDA-R craft in the series of 4 will be delivered during 2012.
The forthcoming delivery of the first EDA-R to the National Navy is a testimony to the very substantial effort made by CNIM for several years, and the commitment of all the teams to create innovative ships, established the EDA-R position as the best in its category.