27 October 2010

CNIM develops a new range of debarkation craft

CNIM develops a new range of debarkation craft


Paris, 27 October 2010 – CNIM announces the launch of a new range of debarkation craft, the Multipurpose Patrol Craft 2 (MPC2) that uses technologies developed for the EDA-R catamarans that are now being produced for the French Navy.

This range was developed by CNIM in order to deal with the new challenges for securing coastal areas and populations: climate change and the increasing number of natural catastrophes, as well as the growth of trafficking of all kinds, primarily maritime 
- drugs, materials - and finally the reappearance of piracy have generally increased the needs for multi-function ships.

The MPC2 combines navigation performance in relatively shallow waters and beach berthing for amphibious operations with the deployment of quick interceptors, drones or observation robots. By dropping down into the water, its patented platform reduces the ship’s draught, thereby allowing it to draw close to shore and to berth without port infrastructures.

This ship can carry a payload of 200 tonnes. It can also accommodate 25 crew members and 50 trained persons for missions beyond 3000 nautical miles, as would be needed in the event of an emergency in order to provide assistance to numerous victims.

The MPCE2 has been designed to reduce intervention costs in operational theatres, notably thanks to its low energy consumption at reduced speeds. It areas of intervention can include:

  • The surveillance of economic zones and actions against illegal trafficking
  • The implementation of quick interceptors
  • The projection of military forces and coastal connections
  • Logistics support for humanitarian and military operations
  • Surveillance operations (helicopters or drones)