23 May 2013

Closing of the asset deal with GEODUR Recycling AG has been reached

Closing of the asset deal with GEODUR Recycling AG has been reached


The Sector Environment has met agreement with the shareholders of the Swiss company GEODUR Recycling AG, about the purchase of certain work in progress, technologies and assets via its subsidiary LAB GmbH, Stuttgart (Germany). The closing on this acquisition had been reached by 8th April 2013.

With this, the Sector Environment and LAB from now are in a position to offer additional engineered solutions and services around:

· the stabilisation/immobilisation of incineration ashes and flue gas cleaning residues;

· the treatment of incineration bottom ashes including the recovery of non-ferrous metals from that.

The stabilisation/immobilisation of ashes and flue gas cleaning residues serves to transform the quality of such incineration plant residues from hazardous to non-hazardous type by mixing them with cement, lime and in particular with the the proprietary additive Tracelock. In the future, CNIM/LAB will propose and realize stabilisation/immobilisation plants as an engineered package to EPC contractors and Customers. In addition, CNIM/LAB will supply the required amount of Tracelock additive to the operator in order to ensure that the treated ashes and residues comply to the landfill criteria of non-hazardous waste type.

Treating incineration bottom ashes will serve to support the total recycling ambitions of our Customers by - rather than landfilling it - making this incineration residue flow to be used in the aggregate industry, for instance, at the same time recovering the ferrous and non-ferrous metal compounds contained inside. In this context, CNIM/LAB will offer turnkey solution for such engineered packages and intends also to investigate business models based on such technology supporting a recurrent business approach.

With this acquired technologies, CNIM and LAB have completed their technologies and product portfolio around the installation and operation of incineration plants by offering additional solutions to our Customers, managing the entire emissions of such incineration plant to AIR, WATER and SOIL.

The new business will be promoted under the tradename: