18 April 2019

Design and Production of industrial systems

Oceanwings®, the new wind propulsion system installed aboard Energy Observer. A world first.

An important step has been taken for both partners CNIM & VPLP Design with the installation of 2 Oceanwings®, 2 smart wingsails, aboard the Energy Observer.

It is a world first for a ship of this size (30.5m long and 12.8m wide).


Oceanwings®, as a wind propulsion system, fully automated, 12m span, co-designed by CNIM and VPLP Design, will reduce the energy consumption of the ship by offering hybrid propulsion.

Congratulations to the teams!

During Energy Observer’s stop in Amsterdam, our teams installed the 2 Oceanwings® wings on board Energy Observer. At 9am on Thursday the wings were arriving on the truck from CNIM’s workshops at La Seyne-sur-Mer. At 7pm the ship was sailing in front of the central station.

explains Jean-Luc Chauveau, Director of CNIM's Industry Business.

Jean-Luc Chauveau adds:

The speed of setting up Oceanwings® is a key factor for our customers: the boat is immobilized a minimum of time at the dock. CNIM and VPLP Design’s teams worked hand in hand to provide this innovative wind propulsion system to Energy Observer.

Towards a new mode of propulsion for maritime transport

While Oceanwings® can reduce oil consumption by up to 42%, Oceanwings® is also part of an economic profitability process. Thanks to their experience and their knowledge of the challenges of the industrial world, CNIM's teams designed from the outset an industrial product meeting market expectations, both in terms of performance, cost and installation time aboard.

Requiring no specifically trained personnel to sail, because fully automated,
Oceanwings® and the double-digit fuel economy they offer to shipowners may soon be the future of cleaner marine shipping and just as effective, if not more.

Thursday, April 18th, evening: Energy Observer sails with 2 Oceanwings®, CNIM & VPLP teams can be proud of the work accomplished during the day.

More information about Oceanwings®