25 July 2019

Design and Production of industrial systems

ITER program: installation completed of the two 353 tons test loads on the SSAT n ° 1. Let the tests begin.

End of 2018, CNIM has been untrusted with installing the two Sector Sub-Assembly Tools (SSAT), key tools for the construction of ITER reactor (as they will assembly the sectors of the vacuum chamber), with unparalleled adjustment performance (moving twice 400 tons to the nearest millimeter).

Installation SSAT - ITER 03.jpg

Assembling SSAT n°2 - march 2019 © ITER Org

After the installation, it is time for load tests

The SSAT assembly operation completed in June 2019, load tests can now be performed. It consists in carrying out a series of kinematic operations with two mockups, simulating the Toroidal Field Coils (superconducting magnets contributing to the confinement of the plasma inside the vacuum chamber) and positioned on both arms of each SSAT.

The complexity of the functional load tests lies in the dimension of the test models - 17 m high, 8 m wide by 8 m, their weight - 353 tons each - and the positioning to the millimeter.

One more step was taken by CNIM this Monday, July 22 for the ITER program.

Using lifting equipment supplied by ITER, as well as an 800 tons mobile crane and a 750 tons bridge, CNIM, the maneuver leader, managed the delicate operation of installing 353 tons test loads on SSAT # 1, in particular the lifting of the parts and their very precise positioning.

ITER Organization-supported load tests can now start on SSAT # 1. They will last 1 month.

Delivery of functional SSAT is scheduled for fall 2019.

Positionning 353 tons loads to the nearest millimeter: watch the video 

Pictures of the installation main steps

IMG_20190717_074722 02.jpg

Raising 353 tons mockup with 800 T mobile crane
and 750 T bridge ©CNIM

IMG_20190717_080010 02.jpg

Verticalize the part before routing
the mockup to the SSAT n ° 1 ©CNIM


Installation SSAT - ITER 04.jpg

Securing the mockups on the SSAT n ° 1 before
unhooking the lifting devices

CNIM & ITER : a long-term collaboration

Since 2009, CNIM group has been working closely with ITER Organization and F4E on the ITER nuclear fusion reactor. CNIM provides its expertise in the design and manufacture of highly secure handling solutions, as well as in the industrialization and manufacturing of large equipment with high added

installation SSAT - ITER 05.jpg


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