18 September 2017

Treatment and recovery of waste

CNIM to take part to IRRC – Waste-to-Energy – September 18-19 2017 - Vienna (Austria)

IRRC Waste-to-Energy will be held on September 18 and 19 in Vienna (Austria).

On this occasion, CNIM representatives will speak on the following themes:

  • "How Oxford County (UK) Managed to Close its Landfill with a Successful Association of Material-from-Waste and Energy-from-Waste Solutions" by Christophe Cord'Homme, Business & Products Development Director
  • "Corrosion Behaviour of Radiant Superheaters in a Waste-to-Energy Steam Generator – Operation Experience in St. Omer" by Désiré Bendahan, Head of Tendering Department
  • “Ceramic Coating in a High-Pressure Waste-to-Energy Steam Generator – Operational Experience in Bilbao” by Eddie Marcarian, Head of Department Chaudières et Combustion


Vienna Marriott Hotel

Parkring 12a
1010 Vienna