20 June 2018


CNIM Mouv': CNIM commits to sustainable transport

CNIM rolled out a carpooling platform for all its teams and companies in France on the occasion of the second major event under its CNIM Mouv' program promoting sustainable transport among the 800 employees at its industrial plant at La Seyne-sur-Mer.

On June 21, CNIM offered its 800 employees at the La Seyne plant a range of activities supporting its Company Transport Plan, CNIM Mouv' (CNIM Move). These activities included the chance to test drive electric vehicles and to get professional tips on bicycle maintenance. This year’s event highlighted the launch of the new carpooling platform, which will cover the whole Group. Employees were invited to the CNIM Mouv’/IDVROOM stand to sign up for this scheme. Accessible via the Group intranet and a smartphone application, this platform will enable CNIM personnel all over France to share vehicles for journeys between home and work, between plants, and to and to and from airports and train stations for business trips.

Special features of the CNIM Mouv’ open day included encouraging CNIM La Seyne-sur-Mer employees to test drive electric vehicles provided in partnership with dealers such as Renault La Seyne, Nissan Prestige Auto Toulon, BMW Bavaria Motors Ollioules and Citroën Parascandola Toulon La Seyne. And cyclists were able to obtain maintenance advice or get quick repair jobs done by Cycles Verzelli. In addition, the Risk Prevention team organized a workshop focused on safety actions.

The CNIM Mouv' project was set up in 2014 in keeping with the Group’s CSR (corporate social responsibility) policy, while the Management was studying employees’ journey patterns to identify the means of transport they used when traveling to work and to be able to propose a new approach. The aim was to reduce the numbers of vehicles entering the La Seyne-sur-Mer site by encouraging staff to use more environmentally-friendly modes of transport.

A series of steps have been taken in this context over the last four years, such as setting up an initial carpooling platform serving about 50 employees and that has now been updated and extended to cover all Group employees and companies in France (Bertin Technologies, LAB and SUNCNIM). Other actions taken include installing bicycle parking facilities, placing a bus stop by the Brégaillon plant, developing the vicinity immediately around company sites to improve safety for pedestrians, creating a new traffic roundabout to facilitate vehicle access, installing electric vehicle charging points and purchasing two electric vehicles for CNIM corporate services.