19 September 2018

Treatment and recovery of waste

CEWEP 2018: meet with CNIM team on 20th and 21st September in Bilbao

On 20th and 21st September, CNIM will take part to the CEWEP Congress in Bilbao and will showcase its waste-to-energy offer.

CEWEP Congress 2018 will discuss on “Waste-to-Energy: Making Circular Economy Happen”

On 21st September, participants will have the opportunity to visit the Zabalgarbi Waste-to-Energy plant, a CNIM reference which, thanks to its innovative design, achieves very high energy efficiency levels.

The CEWEP Congres is held every two years. European industry representatives, decision-makers and academia gather to discuss the latest Waste-to-Energy policy and technology developments.


Euskalduna Conference Centre

4 Abandoibarra Etorb.
48011 Bilbao

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