5 April 2018

Energy management and efficiency

Bertin launches a challenge at DRIM’in Saclay about Decentralized Energy

DRIM’in Saclay enables industrialists and large groups to launch collaborative innovation challenges in order to boost their energy and ecological transition! For its 4th edition, DRIM'in Saclay is sponsored by Cédric Villani, MP and Fields medal mathematician.

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As part of this event, Bertin Technologies, a subsidiary of CNIM, and CNIM Babcock Services launch a challenge with the theme of promoting renewable energies within micro-networks. 

Not all electricity grids are reliable and the energy provided may not be available throughout the day. The integration of renewable energies and storage systems in micro-grids represents a major challenge in the evolution of our society. They are intended to answer these issues. They are used more often, whatever the application (industrial, hospitals, universities, neighborhoods, etc.).

We invite you to take on this technical, socio-economic and forward-looking challenge. April 10 & 11 will be focussed on collaborative work to find solutions to the proposed challenges.

April 12 will be dedicated to the pitches of the teams participating in response to the proposed challenges. Finally, the day will end with an award ceremony.

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