3 July 2018


2017 ESG performances: CNIM in the Gaia Rating top 70

CNIM has made the Gaia Rating top 70 for the third year running. The top-ranking firms among 230 French small to medium-sized companies assessed for their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) transparence and performance are used to set the Gaia Index. CNIM was ranked 35th of 230 firms in the overall rankings and 27th of 87 companies with revenue exceeding €500 million. CNIM was awarded full marks for some topics and is analyzing the detailed scores of which it has been notified to enable it to implement plans to improve its performance in other fields.

Eric Chadenier, Director of the Group’s Legal, Purchasing and CSR Department stressed the “importance of this rating for CNIM and its commitment to the continued implementation and assessment of in-house programs to optimize the company’s ESG performance”.

Gaia Rating, a division of EthiFinance, specializes in the ESG (environment, social and governance) analysis and rating of SMEs and midcaps. Since 2009, Gaia Rating has been collecting ESG data from most listed SMEs and midcaps in France. This information is used to rate their levels of transparency and performance. Rankings are categorized by revenue band in order to present awards to the best players from a select panel of 230 SMEs and midcaps listed on the Paris stock exchange, complying with four size and liquidity criteria. The ESG Gaia Rating agency is used by leading management companies in their management processes and investment decisions.

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