5 December 2016

CSR: CNIM in the top 70 companies monitored by Gaia-Index


The results published by Gaia-Index for 2015 show a marked improvement in CNIM’s CSR performance levels, with its CSR policy awarded a mark of 86/100.

  • Overall ranking: CNIM 26th out of 230 in 2015, compared with 65th in 2014
  • Ranking for ‘Revenues >€500m’ category: CNIM 23rd out of 85 in 2015, compared with 42nd in 2014
  • Ranking for ‘Industry’ category: CNIM 11th out of 113 in 2015, compared with 28th in 2014

“The improvement of CNIM’s performance levels recorded by Gaia-Index, which specializes in analyzing and grading Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors, is a sign of just how committed the Group is to developing its activities in a sustainable manner,” says Eric Chadenier, Director of CNIM’s Legal, Group Purchasing and CSR Department.

Gaia-Index is a subsidiary of EthiFinance that specializes in analyzing and grading the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance levels of European SMEs and ISEs.
More than 500 small and mid-cap companies have been assessed in 2016.

Every year since 2009, Gaia-Index has collected non-financial information on a group of 230 ISEs and SMEs listed on the Paris Stock Exchange which meet at least two of the following three criteria: revenues <€5bn, market capitalization <€5bn, workforce <5000, and have equity that is sufficiently liquid. On the basis of the information collected, the companies are given marks for their levels of transparency and performance.

The 70 best companies in the group then feature in the Gaia Index.

CNIM’s certification by Gaia-Index for 2015