5 February 2009

The construction of the Jersey new waste to energy recovery plant just started

The construction of the Jersey new waste to energy recovery plant just started


Works on the new energy recovery plant for household waste "La Colette" began.

CNIM teams are working hard to carry out 27 months for this important project given by the State of Jersey. The consortium led by partners with CNIM, Spie-Batignolles (France) and Camerons (Jersey) won the contract for its expertise in the fields of waste, the flue gas cleaning and civil engineering as well as the attractiveness of its offer in terms of investment and operating cost.

The new centre located in “La Colette” replaces the outdated incineration plant of Bellozanne. It is in line with the global environmental "Keeping Jersey Special" plan, launched by the State of Jersey.

The installation will include:

- Two lines of incineration of 7.5 t / h each, which will treat 105,000 tons of waste per year;
- A system of flue gas treatment SECOLAB * dry with lime and activated charcoal supplemented by a reduction of NOx emissions type SNCR to achieve outstanding environmental performance; 
- A turbo-alternator of 10.2 MW will produce about 7% to 9% of electricity of the Island.

For the sake of economic and environmental efficiency, the installation will share some equipment with the power plant of Jersey Electricity running on the site.

Finally, thanks to this achievement, the State of Jersey drastically optimizes its management of waste. It is a major step in its environmental approach, considering the waste as renewable energy. 
Removing an outdated plant and replace it with a centre of energy recovery which will be one of the cleanest in Europe and will supply electricity to nearly 8,000 homes.

The Minister of Transport and Technical Services of Jersey has been emphasized in these terms when signing the contract on November,14th 2008: 
"The CNIM consortium has put together an excellent and comprehensive proposal for the Island, which will offer a proven waste disposal route and significant additional renewable electricity generation - a crucial contribution to sustainable development for Jersey in the rapidly changing energy market we find ourselves in. The new facility will set new standards for air quality on the Island, will contribute significantly to our ambitions and recycling will be the mainstay of our sustainable waste management policy for years to come. I am convinced that the process plant CNIM is the best technology available to Jersey and the company has an admirable reputation for the quality and consistency of their plants throughout Europe. Spie Batignolles Camerons and will bring proven civil engineering expertise and considerable local knowledge to the partnership, which will be vital for such a complex engineering feat."

*LAB CNIM Group’s subsidiary patented flue gas treatment method