Energy Efficient Equipment

CNIM offers equipment that can be adapted to your processes, to meet specifically your needs for hot & cold production, heat exchange and thermal energy storage.

HEAT & COLD production

Absorption Chiller

Cold production down to 0°C using recovered energy

  • 70°C Energy source
  • Custom designed process
  • Single Effect High COP up to 0.84 designed for low temperatures
  • Double Effect with higher COP up to 1.4 depending on conditions
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Absorption Heat Pump

Elevation up to 100°C from low grade heat

  • High COP of 1.8
  • Large units available up to 20 MW
  • High District Heat Temperature (up to 100°C)
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Discover the absorption technology and our quality & performance standards.

Discover our Absorption Technology & CNIM Standards

Heat exchange & thermal storage

Special Heat Exchanger

High added value & complex machining

  • Liquid/Liquid: Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Gas/Gas: Tubular or Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Gas/Liquid: Finned Tube Exchangers

Thermal Energy Storage

Heat storage solutions, with large scale working temperatures

  • Down to 0°C : Cold Water Storage
  • Up to 180°C : Hot Water Storage
  • Up to 240°C : Steam Accumulator
  • Up to 350°C : Thermstock® Oil Storage


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