2018 Integrated Report

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Nicolas Dmitrieff,
Chairman of the Management Board

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2018 key figures



689. 8

million euros of total revenues

62. 1

of revenues generated outside France

Minerva, a purpose-built, scalable strategic intelligence tool

Since 2013, Bertin IT, a partner of Deutsche Telekom, has been providing the strategic intelligence department of the European telecommunications leader with a web data aggregation platform that is essential to managing its strategy.

Stories about trust # 1

ITER: the Sun and the stars, new sources of energy

Thousands of scientists, engineers and technicians have been involved in designing the world’s largest tokamak, since the late 1980s. For more than ten years, CNIM has been contributing its expertise to the ITER programme in the following fields: the study, design, development and manufacture of highly secure handling solutions as well as the industrialization and manufacture of large-scale equipment with high added value [...].

Stories about trust # 2

A new-generation sorting centre in Paris

Syctom, the metropolitan household waste agency, is the leading European public operator for the treatment and recovery of household waste. Its facilities receive and recycle the waste from 6 million inhabitants of 85 municipalities in the Ile-de-France region.

Stories about trust # 3

Monaco, at the forefront of waste-to-energy conversion

As a partner of the incumbent operator, Société Monégasque d’Assainissement, for more than 35 years, CNIM developed a methodology and services to optimize Monaco’s waste-to-energy (W2E) plant’s maintenance process [...].

Stories about trust # 4

Solutions that inspire trust

CNIM was founded more than 160 years ago. And for more than 160 years, the men and women of CNIM have been imagining a cleaner, less wasteful, safer world. They visualise this better world, confident in their expertise and in the CNIM family group’s commitment to supporting the company’s development.
From this mutual confidence come equipment and services that clients know they can rely on to go further.

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A dynamic ecosystem

Trust is at the heart of CNIM’s day-to-day interactions with its ecosystem. It is this ability to work together over the long term that governs CNIM’s balanced relations with its various stakeholders. It is this partnership approach that, combined with its pioneering spirit, has enabled CNIM to grow and evolve, with flexibility and confidence.

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Our business model

By mastering every step in the process of engineering innovative solutions, from design to maintenance, CNIM has positioned itself as a central player in the market for high-tech equipment and services which aim to make the world safer, better protected, more energy efficient and more respectful of the environment.

Our business model

Highlights of the year

Oceanwings®, hybrid propulsion for ships

Oceanwings® is a high-performance wingsail enabling hybrid propulsion. On the basis of a concept devised by VPLP Design in partnership with CNIM, the first two units, built by CNIM, will be tested on Energy Observer*. They will reduce this vessel’s energy consumption and boost its speed.

* Energy Observer is the first hydrogenpowered vessel, aimed at achieving energy autonomy with zero greenhouse gas and fine particle emissions.

A 12th project for CNIM and Clugston in the UK

CNIM and Clugston won a contract to build the Earls Gate waste-to-energy plant in Scotland. CNIM will design the plant, commission the wasteto- energy processes and operate the centre for 25 years. This is CNIM’s 21st project reference in the UK and its first in Scotland.

Picardie Biomasse Energie

Picardie Biomasse Energie (PBE) was created in 2018 through an alliance between, an Akuo Energy subsidiary, and CEB, a CNIM subsidiary. Picardie Biomasse Energie operates two cogeneration plants using biomass in France’s Somme department. They produce electricity that is fed into the RTE grid and steam that is supplied to plants.

Developing the nuclear industry of the future

The Jules Horowitz experimental nuclear reactor (JHR) is intended to study the behaviour of fuels and materials for nuclear power plants and to produce radioelements for nuclear medicine (medical imaging). CNIM has been involved in this project since 2014.

Bertin IT joins the academic chair in Industrial Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Created by Atos, CEA and Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay, this chair aims to develop industrial data analytics related disciplines and technologies. Bertin IT’s commitment to this chair, which it joined in 2018, will help develop self-learning models drawing on real-life data from its software platforms.

First contract for LAB in China

Chongqing Sanfeng Yulin Environmental Energy Co. Ltd awarded LAB a contract for the engineering and design of the flue gas treatment system at a new Luoqi plant in central eastern China. This engineering contract, constituting LAB’s first customer reference in China, strengthens its relations with Chongqing Sanfeng.

Bertin IT obtains ANSSI Security approval

ANSSI, the French national information system security agency, awarded its security seal of approval to Bertin IT. This award acknowledges Bertin IT’s unique expertise in the field of classified information partitioning issues and the secure exchange of sensitive data.

14 new EDA-S landing crafts for the French Navy

CNIM, Socarenam, Mauric and CNN MCO, won the contract to replace the French Navy’s landing barges. Fourteen new standard amphibious landing craft (EDA-S) are to be built. CNIM offers complementary innovative vessels, the EDA-S along with the EDA-R rapid amphibious landing craft, four of which are already in service with the French Navy.

Zero waste trajectory for Reunion Island

ILEVA, the joint syndicate for waste treatment in Reunion Island’s southern and western micro-regions, awarded the CNIM-led consortium a comprehensive performance-based contract to design, build, operate and maintain the Pierrefonds South waste facility. The facility will treat 60% of inhabitants’ waste and generate renewable electricity for more than 10,000 homes.

Recovering heat by flue gas condensation

Ørsted, the leading Danish electricity and heat producer, asked LAB to design, engineer, supply, install and commission a condensing flue gas heat recovery unit.  This unit will boost the plant’s efficiency by enabling it to produce an additional 41 MWth.

A world first in Llo

Project company ELLO, 51%-owned by SUNCNIM and 49% by Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, is finalizing the construction of the world’s first concentrated solar power plant with the ability to store several hours’ worth of power at Llo, in France’s Pyrénées Orientales department. The 95,200 mirrors of this eco-designed and 100% recyclable power plant produce 9 MWe, or the electricity consumption of 6,000 households.

Sharjah, location of the first waste-to-energy plant in the United Arab Emirates

This facility, designed, built and operated by CNIM, is a flagship project is the flagship project of the Emirates Waste to Energy Company, a joint-venture between Masdar and Bee’ah. It will enable the United Arab Emirates to reach its goal of achieving a 75% reduction in the volume of municipal waste disposed of in landfills by 2021.

Azerbaijan, a country at the cutting edge of waste-to-energy recovery

CNIM has built and operates the largest household waste-to-energy recovery centre in Eastern Europe for the state-owned Tamiz Shahar JSC, which is responsible for waste management in Baku. This facility, replacing a landfill site, avoids the emission of 500,000 tonnes of CO2 a year and protects the environment from pollution.

Viridor renews its confidence in CNIM

Following the contract for a plant in Beddington, south London, CNIM is building a second waste-to-energy (W2E) facility at Avonmouth, near Bristol in the UK, for Viridor (Pennon Group). Once in operation, it will avoid the disposal in landfills  of 320,000 metric tons of non-recyclable waste that will be used to produce energy. This is the 167th turnkey facility to be built by CNIM worldwide. Twenty-three have now been delivered by CNIM in the British Isles.

4 months after the acquisition of Exensor by Bertin Technologies, a first successful collaboration

CamSight® has been integrated into the Exensor Scout camera and is to be supplied to an Exensor customer in Asia. Scout is a wireless smart camera with built-in motion detection that is part of the Flexnet UGS platform developed by Exensor and supplied to military and civilian clients worldwide.

Upgraded version of the PFM* for the French Army

Offering two possible configurations – bridge mode and ferry mode – CNIM’s “PFM” motorized floating bridge gives a clear tactical advantage and its implementation performance remains unmatched.

In 2019, CNIM is supplying the French Army with an upgraded version of the PFM fitted with new equipment. A single control system enables a ferry consisting of two modules to be controlled by just one operator using a wireless control console.

A heat pump for cleaner, more economical urban district heating

The town of Brive-la-Gaillarde, in France’s Corrèze department, wanted its under-construction district heating network to be connected to the waste-to-energy (W2E) plant at Saint-Pantaléon de Larche.  In 2019 CNIM is to supply and install a heat exchanger and a heat pump using steam from the plant’s boilers and low-pressure steam from the turbine. In recovering this heat, which is usually released to the atmosphere, the heat pump will reduce the steam consumption by 40%.

Success for Sterilwave® in the UK

The Sterilwave® system is an innovative solution for the treatment of medical waste that can be installed directly in healthcare establishments. Numerous projects are ongoing all over the world, notably including the installation of the UK’s largest in-situ hospital waste treatment facility at West Middlesex Hospital, west of London.