21 novembre 2016

CNIM wins a $100 million contract for the future Metro Downtown Line in Singapore

CNIM wins a $100 million contract for the future Metro Downtown Line in Singapore


Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced the award of six contracts with an approximate value of $1.13 billion for the entire Downtown Line (DTL) metro project. The contracts will include the procurement of trains and the other electrical and mechanical component systems.

CNIM is one of the six companies awarded. The approximately $100.3 million contract is for the design, manufacturing, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 299 escalators for all DTL stations. 
The escalators provided in the metro lines are heavy duty with higher capacity than normal ones found in commercial buildings. This is critical to move heavy commuter traffic to their desired destination in the most efficient and safe manner. These escalators are also designed with energy saving features to conserve energy when the commuter traffic is low.

This first success in Singapore was obtained thanks to CNIM's world-wide expertise in supplying similar heavy duty escalators for metros.

About Downtown Line
At 40 km with 33 stations, DTL is the longest underground rail project to date and will run through high-traffic and built-up corridors. It will be fully underground and will be built in three stages. It is targeted to be completed by 2016.

With the DTL, the connectivity of the existing Rapid Transit System network will be strengthened. The DTL will facilitate direct travel from the northwestern and eastern areas of the island to the Central Business District and the Marina Bay. It also provides a strategic transport link to support the development of the Marina Bay area.