Turnkey Nuclear Systems and Equipment

With a strong background and recognized experience of 40 years in the nuclear industry, CNIM is involved throughout the entire nuclear cycle.

From front-end engineering and design through commissioning, CNIM delivers turnkey systems and equipment for nuclear power and research reactors in compliance with nuclear codes and standards

Safe Handling & Transfer Systems


CNIM provides systems and handling solutions, from design to commissioning for power and research reactors, upstream and downstream of the cycle. CNIM also tailors solutions on shelves with the requirements of the nuclear environment.

Photo: Spent Fuel Cask Transfer Facility (SFCTF).
19 units delivered to Nuclear Power Plants in France (EDF), China (CGNPC) and Finland (AREVA)

Pressure equipment and heat exchangers

Since its origins, CNIM has been designing and manufacturing pressure vessels, pressure tanks and heat exchangers of various materials (steel, stainless, alloys and composite) for the most demanding sectors such as Defense & Nuclear.

Photo: 85 m3 – 40 T, working pressure 35 bar


For 20 years, CNIM and its subsidiary Bertin have offer patented filtration systems used in nuclear incidents. Production is carried out locally through a network of partners.

Photo: Sump Strainers

Classified water filtration system for the safety injection and containment heat removal systems.

Doors, Airlocks & Hatches

CNIM offers a complete range of doors and locks up including security doors, radiological doors, special gates and personal airlocks. This global solution of containment is intended for installations under heavy radiological and security constraints.

Elastomere and Composite Material Components

CNIM offers invaluable expertise gained over 40 years of elastomere and composite material development for Defense and Nuclear programs.

In June 2016, CNIM has started manufacturing the new 2 km long leaktight membrane for Chernobyl new safe confinement. © Novarka


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