A new-generation sorting centre in Paris

Syctom, the metropolitan household waste agency, is the leading European public operator for the treatment and recovery of household waste. Its facilities receive and recycle the waste from 6 million inhabitants of 85 municipalities in the Ile-de-France region.

In order to increase recycling and support the widespread sorting of all plastic packaging, reaffirmed by the French law on energy transition for green growth, Syctom has launched a project for a new-generation sorting centre in the Clichy-Batignolles eco-neighbourhood in Paris’s 17th arrondissement. In 2015, Syctom entrusted a consortium led by CNIM with the design, production, operation and maintenance of the new facility. The consortium’s project was unanimously selected by Syctom’s tender committee.

Operational in 2019, this selective collection and sorting centre, the second set up by Syctom in the inner city of Paris, will prepare household packaging waste for recycling, for a population of more than 900,000 inhabitants. With a processing capacity of 45,000 metric tons per year, i.e. 15 metric tons per hour, using 13 optical sorters, it will contribute to achieving the 75% recycling target set by law.

New types of packaging will be sorted, including food trays, polystyrene and plastic films. The sorting centre, integrated into a dense urban area, showcases the technological know-how of the consortium members, CNIM, Urbaine de Travaux (Groupe Fayat), Ar-Val, Ingerop Conseil et Ingénierie, Ségic Ingénierie and Les Ateliers Monique Labbé. It meets Syctom’s request for a high-performing sorting centre with an architecture blending into its urban environment.

With this new-generation centre, located as close as possible to the waste production sites, we are preparing a more virtuous and sustainable model for the city of tomorrow, with the objective of zero non-recovered waste. Syctom is always looking for innovations to optimize the performance of its facilities and was able to count on the commitment of CNIM and its partners to make this project a success.

Jacques Gautier, Chairman, Syctom