Minerva, a purpose-built, scalable strategic intelligence tool

Since 2013, Bertin IT, a partner of Deutsche Telekom, has been providing the strategic intelligence department of the European telecommunications leader with a web data aggregation platform that is essential to managing its strategy.

Supported by Bertin’s AMI Enterprise Intelligence software solution, the Minerva platform enables Deutsche Telekom to anticipate changes in its environment and identify growth opportunities.  A centralized web data aggregation platform offers multiple benefits, notably better organization of information, teams freed from manual processes, leaving them more time for data analysis and exchanges with the company’s other departments, and easier information sharing. Since 2013, these functions have been combined into Minerva, a unique monitoring centre fully integrated into Deutsche Telekom’s IT systems. This strategic intelligence platform is now used by 800 DT employees across Europe. 

The reasons for this success? The close cooperation between the teams of the German operator’s strategic intelligence department and Bertin IT, which has evolved over time from a simple client-supplier relationship to a long-term partnership. In 2013, there was just one small Deutsche Telekom cell using Minerva to retrieve information and transmit it to Deutsche Telekom’s general management. The project gradually expanded to become a tool for disseminating analytical results and content.
Deutsche Telekom intends Minerva to be used by 1,000 employees by 2020. 

Bertin was proactive in optimizing our collaboration, working in consultation with my team to design the roadmap. Trust has built up over the long term, nurtured by mutual respect: even when we come up against hurdles, such as data re-indexing or source optimization, our strong relationship helps us maintain the pace we have set ourselves. This positive attitude is showing results, enabling us to make headway in our adoption of smart digital processes.

Christina Sterenborg, Head of Strategic Intelligence at Deutsche Telekom