Ethics and CSR commitments

Ethics and corruption, quality, safety, the environment and citizenship: find out more about CNIM's CSR commitments.

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2020 CSR highlights

British Safety Council awards Sword of Honor to CNIM Environnement & Energie EPC for health and safety management of Sharjah site
CNIM Environnement & Energie EPC is one of the few companies to receive a Sword of Honour for its excellent management of health and safety issues in the workplace.


ISO 45001 certification
Six new CNIM sites were certified ISO 45001 in 2020, demonstrating the investment of the entire management chain and employees in health and safety.

Kaunas (Lithuania): LAB is supplying KKJ with the flue gas treatment for its new waste-to-energy plant
It consists of the patented SecoLAB® dry system supplemented by flue gas condensation combined with humidification of the combustion air, which allows the transfer of about 22 MW to the local district heating network.

Handover of the Wheelabrator Kemsley CHP plant (Kent, UK)
Its two lines process 550,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste per year, thus avoiding landfill or export. It produces 37 MW net of electricity to supply 100,000 homes and businesses, and 180 GWh of heat for the paper manufacturer DS Smith, enabling it to reduce its use of fossil fuels.

Handover of the Avonmouth Waste-to-Energy Plant
Handed over to Viridor on 16 December 2020, this plant prevents 320,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste from being landfilled each year and produces 307 GWh of electricity, covering its own consumption and that of 84,000 homes.

Bertin Medical Waste and CNIM Systèmes Industriels China mobilized to combat the spread of the coronavirus
The Chinese Ministry of Health has confirmed the acquisition of 16 Sterilwave banalization stations. This equipment will enable hospital waste potentially contaminated by the coronavirus to be treated on site, thereby eliminating any risk of contamination outside the hospital.

CNIM commissions an absorption heat pump: a world first
The system supplied and installed by CNIM at the Saint-Pantaléon de Larche CVE (France) is based on a heat pump supplying 13 MW to the Brive heating network. It recovers and valorizes the low-pressure steam coming out of the plant's turbines by reinjecting it directly into the city's heating network.

The share of renewable electricity amounts to 83% of the Group's total electricity consumption.
This very high percentage is mainly due to the self-consumption of the Group's energy recovery and production sites.

Reuse of used IT equipment
Since 2014, the CNIM Group has signed partnership agreements with Adapted Enterprises, with the aim of recycling or reconditioning used IT equipment from all its subsidiaries in France. In 2020, 5 tons of equipment have been collected, with a reuse rate of over 37.2%.

An internal mobility rate of 30% 
In 2020, 193 employees benefited from internal mobility within the Group. These were employees who either changed jobs within the same company or changed jobs and/or companies within the Group. 

New hires of all ages
In 2020, 50% of new hires were under 35 years of age and nearly 20% of the employees recruited in 2020 were 50 years old or older.

CNIM Group reaffirms its commitment to ethics and prevention of corruption
In 2020, Louis-Roch Burgard, Chief Executive Officer of the CNIM Group, reaffirmed his total personal commitment, as well as that of the members of the Group's Comex, to respect and ensure respect for all the Group's ethical charters and codes of conduct. The documents that reflect these commitments are available on

CNIM provides a response to the twin challenges of driving energy efficiencies for its clients and reducing the environmental impact of its activities – at the Group’s own sites, as well as those of its customers.

CNIM has established a proactive CSR approach and is committed to building balanced, long-lasting relationships with all of its partners as it develops the Group’s business activities.

Nicolas Dmitrieff, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Business Ethics

Compliance with the CNIM Group ethical and corruption risks management program must be the responsibility of all and is a priority, as the development of the Group depends on the confidence it inspires in its customers, its employees, its shareholders and its private and public-sector partners. This program is based on:

1- The following publicly available documents:

Charter of Ethics
Anti-corruption Code of conduct
Purchasing Code of Ethics
Modern slavery act transparency statement
Stock Market Ethics and Confidentiality charter

2 - The following internal procedures, available to all CNIM Group staff through the CNIM Intranet:

Selection and management of sales agents procedure
Corruption risk in (potential) Partnerships procedure
Gifts and invitations procedure
Training material on the CNIM Group's anti-corruption system

3 - A whistleblowing system, enabling CNIM Group employees as well as external or occasional employees and third parties, to issue an alert, in accordance with the "Sapin II" law of 9 December 2016, relating to transparency, anti-corruption and economic modernization.

You wish to consult a summary of the contents of the charters, codes and internal procedures structuring the CNIM Group ethical and corruption risks management program, click here.

Environmental impact

As part of its sustainability policy, and the Group’s environmental responsibilities, CNIM has developed a preventive approach to the impact of its activities on the environment. Monitoring the evolving regulatory requirements and technology trends, deploying training programs, and communicating both internally and externally are all part of the Group’s commitment to quality, hygiene, safety and the environment.

Consult the Green House Gas Balance

Quality, Safety, the Environment

CNIM is extremely rigorous in matters of prevention, respecting the staff health and safety regulations, and environmental protection. This commitment is shared by employees at every level of the organization and is reflected in the numerous certifications achieved in the areas of quality, health and safety, and the preservation of the environment. 

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HR commitments

CNIM’s commitments cover the full range of HR topics: recruitment, career development, professional training, the work-life balance, and health and safety in the workplace.

CNIM also takes action to provide employment, career development and training for people with disabilities, and to promote diversity in the workforce.

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Gender Equality Index

In accordance with the decree relating to the methods of application and calculation of the Gender Equality Index published in the Journal Officiel on January 9, 2019, CNIM Groupe publishes the scores obtained in 2021 for the Unité Economique et Sociale CNIM: 74/100
Composition of the UES CNIM: CNIM Groupe, CNIM Environnement & Energie EPC, CNIM Environnement & Energie Services, CNIM Systèmes Industriels, CNIM Mutual Services

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Group citizenship

CNIM is committed to good citizenship and takes part in a range of activities that are aligned with its core skills and the local communities. The Group supports schools, along with associations for those on the margins of society, and is also involved with local enterprise and professional organizations.

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CSR and greenhouse gas publications

For several years, CNIM has been providing annual reports on the social and environmental impacts of its activities, as part of its Registration Document filing to France’s financial markets authority, the AMF. The Group also publishes annual figures on its greenhouse gas emissions.

Our CSR and greenhouse gas publications since 2012