Group citizenship

CNIM and its subsidiaries are committed to support trade and competitiveness clusters which aim to structure regional R&D activities.
The Group experts actively contribute to these organizations

Trade associations

Environment and energy


  • AMORCE (National Association of Communities, Associations and Businesses for Waste, Energy and Heating Network Management)
  • AFITE Network of experts for the environment
  • ASTEE (Scientific and Technical Association for Water and the Environment).
  • ATEE (Energy Environment Technical Association).
  • CEWEP (Confederation of European Waste to Energy Plants).
  • ESA (Environmental Services Association).
  • ESWET (European Suppliers of Waste to Energy Technology).
  • FEAD (European Federation for Pollution and Environmental Activities).
  • FEDENE (Energy Environment Services Federation).
  • FNADE (French Federation for Pollution Control and Environmental Activities).
  • ISWA (International Solid Waste Association).
  • OFATE Franco-German Office for Energy Transition
  • SER (Authority on Renewable Energy).
  • SNIDE (French National Union of Designers and Builders in the Waste Industries). 
  • SVDU (French National Syndicate for Treatment and Recovery of Urban and Assimilated Waste).

The Group is also represented :

Naval activities

  • GICAN (French Marine Industries Group).

Defense and terrestrial security

  • GICAT (French Defense and Security Industries Group) : Bertin Technologies is a member of the Board of Directors, the Executive Board, and chairs the Innovation Commission.
  • within the EDA (European Defence Agency), as an expert in CapTech (Capability Technology) EOST (Electro Optical Systems and Technologies).


  • GIFEN : Groupement des Industriels Français de l’Industrie Nucléaire, the professional union of the French nuclear industry;
  • PFCE (China-France Electricity Partnership). PFCE aims to promote the long-term involvement of French midcaps and SMEs in the construction of the Chinese nuclear program;
  • PFME (France Global Electricity Partnership), which brings together suppliers to EDF’s French nuclear program.

NBC threat detection

  • GIE Défense NBC, which brings together the main French businesses active in the NRBCE (nuclear, radiation, biological, chemical and explosive) sector.

Medical equipment and device activities :

  • within the Strategic and Scientific Council of the Grand Défi Bioproduction de médicaments.


  • Bertin Technologies est membre du conseil d’administration et membre du bureau exécutif de l’association HexaTrust,
  • CLUSIF (French IT Security Club);
  • CICS (French Trust and Security Industry Council);
  • CECyF (French Center of Expertise on Cybercrime);
  • IRT SystemX (technological research institute).
  • as a founding member of the IdAML Chair (Industrial Data Analytics and Machine Learning) with ATOS, CEA, SNCF and Michelin as industrial players and ENS Paris Saclay and ENSIIE as academic players ;
  • PEC (Pôle d’Excellence Cyber)

In associations that promote research and innovation

  • ANRT (French National Association for Research and Technology);
  • ASRC (French Association of Contractual Research Structures);
  • France Innovation.
  • Toulon Var Technologies, which supports innovation in the Var department ;
  • UIMM, Union des Industries et Métiers de la Métallurgie ;
  • Team Henri FABRE, an association of industrialists whose vocation is to develop the industry of the future in the French Southern region;
  • SEATECH  board of directors ;
  • Université de Toulon scientific council;
  • as a member of the Evaluation Committee of the Instituts Carnot ;
  • Winlight member of Freeform Optics Recherche & Solutions.

Competitiveness clusters

  • Cap Énergies, whose purpose is to control energy consumption and work on the shift toward non-greenhouse-gas-generating energy sources, as a member of the Board and of the project evaluation committee;
  • Mediterranean Sea cluster, an international landmark in the maritime and coastal sector;
  • Optitec, an international landmark in the maritime and coastal sector :

o Bertin Technologies member (ETI group), member of the board of directors and member of the bureau as treasurer ;

o Winlight member

  • Safe Cluster, which covers security and aerospace;
  • Systematic cluster, active at the crossroads of eight company-level technological markets (transport, energy, telecoms, security, health, smart cities, information technology and the factory of the future) and two general technological fields (free software and complex systems).
  • The Aerospace Valley cluster, dedicated to the aeronautics, space and UAV sectors, in the Occitania and New Aquitaine regions;
  • The Defense Club of the Aériades cluster, dedicated to the defense activities of the players in the Grand-Est region.