Group citizenship

CNIM and its subsidiaries are committed to support trade and competitiveness clusters which aim to structure regional R&D activities.
The Group experts actively contribute to these organizations

Trade associations

Environment and energy

  • ADEME International Club (ADEME: French Environment and Energy Management Agency).
  • AMORCE (National Association of Communities, Associations and Businesses for Waste, Energy and Heating Network Management). 
  • ASTEE (Scientific and Technical Association for Water and the Environment).
  • ATEE (Energy Environment Technical Association).
  • CEWEP (Confederation of European Waste to Energy Plants).
  • ESA (Environmental Services Association).
  • ESWET (European Suppliers of Waste to Energy Technology).
  • FBE (France Biomass Energy).
  • FEAD (European Federation for Pollution and Environmental Activities).
  • FEDENE (Energy Environment Services Federation).
  • FNADE (French Federation for Pollution Control and Environmental Activities).
  • ISWA (International Solid Waste Association).
  • MEDEF (French employers’ federation).
  • MEDEF International (French employers’ federation).
  • SER (Authority on Renewable Energy).
  • SNIDE (French National Union of Designers and Builders in the Waste Industries). 
  • SVDU (French National Syndicate for Treatment and Recovery of Urban and Assimilated Waste).


  • GICAN (French Marine Industries Group), where CNIM acts as vice-chair of the scientific & technical and mid-sized enterprise/SME committees. CNIM also takes part in the GICAN-led Océan 21 structuring program for the French shipbuilding business.

Defense and terrestrial security

  • GICAT (French Defense and Land and Air/Land Security Industries Group).  


  • PFCE (China-France Electricity Partnership). PFCE aims to promote the long-term involvement of French midcaps and SMEs in the construction of the Chinese nuclear program;
  • PFME (France Global Electricity Partnership), which brings together suppliers to EDF’s French nuclear program.

NBC threat detection

  • GIE Défense NBC, which brings together the main French businesses active in the NRBCE (nuclear, radiation, biological, chemical and explosive) sector.


  • HexaTrust, an association of experts in IT security, cybersecurity and digital trust which responds to the needs of companies, governments and public and private organizations seeking to benefit from innovative French solutions for the full range of their IT security requirements;
  • CLUSIF (French IT Security Club);
  • CICS (French Trust and Security Industry Council);
  • CECyF (French Center of Expertise on Cybercrime);
  • IRT SystemX (technological research institute).

In associations that promote research and innovation

  • ANRT (French National Association for Research and Technology);
  • ASRC (French Association of Contractual Research Structures);
  • France Innovation.

Competitiveness clusters

  • Cap Énergies, whose purpose is to control energy consumption and work on the shift toward non-greenhouse-gas-generating energy sources;
  • Mediterranean Sea cluster, an international landmark in the maritime and coastal sector;
  • The Mer Bretagne Atlantique cluster;
  • Optitec, an international landmark in the maritime and coastal sector;
  • Safe Cluster, which covers security and aerospace;
  • Systematic cluster, active at the crossroads of eight company-level technological markets (transport, energy, telecoms, security, health, smart cities, information technology and the factory of the future) and two general technological fields (free software and complex systems).