Our HR commitments

Find out about CNIM’s HR commitments. Health, safety, disability and diversity are at the heart of the Group’s human resources policies.

Health and Safety

CNIM’s high standards also apply to risk prevention and respect for the rules that cover employee health and safety. This level of commitment is shared by employees at every level of the organization and is reflected in the numerous certifications awarded in the areas of health and safety, and also in quality.

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CNIM attaches a great deal of importance to non-discrimination and equal opportunity. To deliver on this, the Group has devised an ambitious action plan for people with disabilities:

 - to encourage Group employees who have a disability to make this known, in confidence;

- to deliberately seek to work with companies that employ people with disabilities.


CNIM carries out numerous initiatives to support diversity, including collective agreements on gender equality, promoting its range of professions to high school students and helping people who are facing financial or personal difficulties. All these initiatives underline the Group’s opposition to any form of discrimination.

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