WindKeeper® SOV

Designed by CNIM, Windkeeper® is a Service Operation Vessel (SOV) tailor made for wind farm service maintenance and walk-to-work operations.

Key figures


Designed for offshore wind farm maintenance


Secure technicians transfer in rough seas with waves over 3 meters height


Available 24/7 for maintenance operations

WindKeeper®, a 57m long “walk-to-work” vessel, is a compact version of a typical monohull SOV  (Service Operation Vessel )but is more fuel-efficient and has better seakeeping capabilities due to the SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) design. This significantly improves workability, comfort and safety for the technicians and reduces the operational costs.


A SOV specially designed for the maintenance of offshore wind farms

Windkeeper® is a SOV combining all the key elements for a successful maintenance campaign: shorter rotational cycles per wind turbine, state-of-the-art generation gangway ensuring safe transfer of technicians, optimized work and storage areas, accommodation designed for the comfort of technicians and unique seakeeping capabilities
to ensure their well-being on board.

An effective SOV

The SWATH hull minimizes the contact surface at sea-level, limiting the pitching due to swell, providing WindKeeper® high stability. Besides, the six thrusters enable exceptional Dynamic Positioning station-keeping capabilities (DP 2 system).

Able of operating in rough seas, up to a wave height of more than 3 meters, WindKeeper® is operational more than 330 days a year, 24/7.

A low-fuel consumption SOV

Thanks to a compact design and equipped with a hybrid propulsion line together with a SWATH hull, WindKeeper® consumes half the fuel of a conventional SOV and and contributes to a significant reduction in operating costs.

Its technical performance makes WindKeeper® the greenest SOV in the offshore wind industry with 53% less CO2 emissions than a conventional SOV.


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