Why choose CNIM Academy?

  • Because CNIM ACADEMY is dedicated to the operating personnel of Waste-to-Energy (WtE) plants.
  • Because the CNIM ACADEMY offer is born of the unique know-how of CNIM from design through to the operation of WtE plants.
  • Because our motto "Understand before learning" is expressed in each tool and stage of our training.
  • Because operators who have taken on board the theoretical concepts take the best decisions when faced with a problem encountered on the ground.
  • Because the actions of operating teams are safer and better optimised when correlated with a sound analysis of the situation.
  • Because our training integrates practical cases proposed by trainees to go into greater depth on certain theoretical points.
  • Because the CNIM ACADEMY programme covers both theory and practical aspects based on real conditions and using our CNIM DOT simulator. The operator is then in a position to take the right decisions at the right time.

A unique training offer designed by CNIM for operators of Waste-to-Energy plants.

Benefit from the experience of a designer-builder
Developed on the basis of facilities designed by CNIM, the CNIM ACADEMY offer provides a detailed description of the functions of all types of Waste-to-Energy plants. Our objective is to enable operating personnel to implement what they have learned in training when they return to their site. Bolstered by the competence of CNIM as designer-builder, CNIM ACADEMY uses the complementary know-how of its teams dedicated to design, commissioning and operation.

A multidimensional approach to learning and training
The CNIM ACADEMY training offer provides a wide range of stimuli to capture and retain the attention of our participants. It combines theoretical training, role play, practical cases using a simulator and putting all this into practice on the ground.

Who is it for?

The CNIM ACADEMY training catalogue has a tailored solution suited to a wide range of participants:

  • new recruits with or without prior experience in waste-to-energy practices;
  • staff promoted to a different operational role;
  • managers;
  • refresher courses for experienced staff;
  • factory technicians, with a specific focus on fault finding and analysis.

Pre- or post-training assessments

These optional assessments are highly recommended and allow for the following:

  • for the trainee, the opportunity to measure their progress and identify the points for improvement;
  • for the manager, the opportunity to evaluate the added value of the training programme and request possible adjustments to its content;
  • for the trainer, the opportunity to assess the level of knowledge of the trainee and adjust the content of their training accordingly.

I want to thank you for the training given to my team last year. The feedback from the team has been extremely positive. There has been a marked improvement in the operation of the plant, and this is reflected in the improved performance figures. The feedback from the team highlighted your expertise and the quality of your teaching style. I would be happy to recommend the training programme to other WtE plant operators.

David O’C. (Head of Operations)

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