What does the CNIM ACADEMY training offer consist of?

The CNIM ACADEMY offer consists of four methods of knowledge and skills transmission, providing a tailored response to the training objectives of operators.

This offer provides access to more than 150 training modules. The modules tackle all aspects of the Waste-to-Energy plant process.

Find out more about CNIM E-LEARN, our e-learning module

This tailored training, using dynamic presentation tools, provides a detailed description of each function of an Energy-From-Waste plant. 

Find out more about CNIM CLASS, our person-led training (face-to-face or remote)

In addition to the CNIM E-LEARN and CNIM CLASS theoretical training, CNIM ACADEMY provides practical on-site training with operating teams.

Find out more about practical on-site training, CNIM HANDS-ON

CNIM has developed and refined a Waste-to-Energy plant operation simulator that is unique on the market.
The trainee interacts virtually with the equipment of the WtE plant, as they would in a control room. 

Find out more about CNIM DOT, our operation simulator

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