Waste sorting centers

As a builder and operator of turnkey waste sorting centers, CNIM is able provide recovery facilities for different types of domestic waste. The selective collection of domestic waste, along with certain categories of industrial refuse, leads to treatment processes that are optimized according to each individual waste type. The result is an initial recovery through sorting, followed by a composting of the organic elements, and then an energy recovery from the residual, non-recyclable waste.


CNIM’s other notable installations in France include a sorting center at Thiverval-Grignon (Yvelines), designed to recover recyclable household packaging that is selectively collected by local authorities. The authorities are all members of SIDOMPE, an organization dedicated to energy recovery from waste and which owns the sorting and recovery center at Thiverval-Grignon. The recyclable packaging is separated out according to the material used, and then packaged up before being sold to organizations that will subsequently recycle it. The non-recyclable domestic waste is then taken to the energy recovery center on the same site for incineration. The sorting center deals with selectively collected household waste, packaging, newspapers and magazines, and glass.

As part of its response to the invitation to tender in 2008, CNIM included a local employment element, since the sorting trade can be a way of helping those in difficulty to play a full part in society. This approach, which involves both social and professional support, was backed by SIDOMPE and approved by the state authorities in 2009.

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