Improving environmental and economic performance

CNIM draws on its technical expertise to improve the performance of waste-to-energy conversion plants. It guarantees:

  • respect for environmental regulations and the improvement of environmental performance
  • availability of equipment
  • treatment capability and continuity of energy production
  • reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • extended lifetime of component parts


A 360° service offer

CNIM’s advanced know-how covers all aspects of the thermal treatment of waste:

  • all equipment required by domestic waste-to-energy conversion plants, including those centers where household waste may also be collected along with other combustible materials: such as standard office and industrial waste, healthcare waste, sludge from water treatments plants and Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF).
  • all types, and all manufacturers’ brands of combustion systems, boilers or flue gas treatment equipment

Our resources

Our expertise and organizational capabilities mean that CNIM is able to provide solutions in extremely short timescales.


TROUBLESHOOTING: Our experts can draw on the technical resources of our Test Center, established more than 30 years ago. The LTC has the facilities needed to carry out laboratory investigations on-site. We have also established partnerships with leading universities – including those of Copenhagen, Vienna, Toulon and Madrid - in each area of our expertise.

PROJECT WORK: A team dedicated to the turnkey optimization of plant installations (technical expertise, engineering, project management, on-site works and commissioning).

MAINTENANCE: this team offers spares management and supply, along with the planning and delivery of maintenance work (Full Maintenance Concept)

TRAINING: CNIM Academy enhances the competencies of operators and optimizes their working environment thanks to:

  • tailored training programs
  • Remote Control Assistance, a support program
  • improving the ergonomics of workstations and the working area

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