Development of domestic waste treatment plants

From financing to operation

All-round support

As a project developer, covering the design, construction and operation of waste treatment plants, CNIM meets its customers’ current need with a wide range of tailored services:

  • plant construction under turnkey contracts
  • integrated installations of various types providing for the treatment/elimination of waste and the generation of energy
  • design of process assemblies using CNIM’s proprietary technology



CNIM is able to deploy a wide range of expertise, disciplines and technological solutions to meet our clients’ expectations, whether they involve new-build plants or the redevelopment of existing facilities.

Project development
Whether a client seeks recommendations for the type of waste treatment best suited to its needs, or would like advice about a particular piece of equipment, CNIM is there to provide support at every stage of the project. This includes the definition of the various needs – legal, fiscal and technological, along with the search for financial and technical partners, studies on environmental impacts, applications for construction permits and coordination with the various stakeholders in the project (client, public authorities, civil society etc).

Project finance

  • CNIM’s involvement in project finance depends upon the specific nature of the contract and the parties involved
  • CNIM offers financing services to cover all or part of the contract, based on the following models:
    - DBO. Design, Build, Operate
    - BOT. Build, Operate, Transfer.
    - BOO. Build, Own, Operate.
    - BOOT. Build, Own, Operate, Transfer.

State-of-the-art proprietary technologies and systems
CNIM’s R&D departments, design studios, laboratories and workshops are continuously improving the Group’s existing technologies and systems, with a focus on innovation.

Design and construction of turnkey waste treatment plants
CNIM uses proprietary and project partner technology in the equipment it installs on a turnkey basis, guaranteeing the required economic, energy and environmental performance.

Operation and maintenance of waste treatment equipment
With its well-established track record in the design and construction of waste treatment facilities, CNIM can take over the operation and maintenance of its turnkey plants, along with those installed by other providers.

High value-added services
CNIM draws on its skills and expertise in design and construction to provide optimized, innovative integrated services and solutions taking into account the specific requirements of each individual plant.


The range of clients for such projects includes governments, local authorities, central state bodies, private contractors and private industrial companies.


References include three UK waste-to-energy conversion plants: at Dudley, near Wolverhampton, Stoke-on-Trent and London (SELCHP).


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