Design, manufacture and installation of turnkey boilers

Thanks to its proven expertise in thermal energy and combustion processes, CNIM is able to provide turnkey waste incineration boilers for waste-to-energy conversion plants. From drawing board to deployment, CNIM is responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of the equipment.

Boilers for specific types of energy recovery

The types of boilers and their particular features required all depend on how the energy recovered from waste material will be exploited.
The energy may all be converted into electricity. This can be fed into the power grid, with a small amount being used to meet the needs of the plant itself. In this case, the boiler produces super-heated steam, providing an optimal energy yield.
Alternatively, the energy may be recovered in the form of heat to be supplied to an urban heating network or industrial consumers.
When the recovered energy is used to produce heat only, a saturated or super-heated steam boiler or a hot-water boiler is used. Existing plants of this type can be retrofitted with an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system enabling them to generate electricity power.

From boiler design and manufacture to installation


CNIM designs all the details of waste incineration boilers in its design offices and manufactures certain elements in its workshops:

  • vertical, horizontal, with various architectures
  • floor-standing, suspended
  • super-heated or saturated steam
  • super-heated water

The Group’s installation teams will deploy the boiler within the energy recovery plant itself and then perform testing of steam production before the final consignment to the client. The energy performance of the installed unit is fully guaranteed.

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