Waste treatment and waste-to-energy solutions

Waste treatment and waste-to-energy solutions

CNIM is an international specialist in waste treatment and waste-to-energy solutions, providing its services to local authorities, public service contractors, and waste treatment operators. Its teams design, build and operate turnkey plants for the treatment of household waste and non-hazardous commercial and industrial waste.


Of people whose waste is still dumped in the countryside


Of people whose waste is processed in plants built by CNIM


Of fuel saved using the energy recovered from one tonne of processed waste

Turnkey plants for energy recovery from waste

CNIM provides turnkey waste-to-energy conversion plants, for use either by local authorities or designated operators. The plants are able to turn this waste into electricity, heating for urban areas, or steam for industrial processes and air conditioning, among other applications. CNIM guarantees the energy performance of its equipment, which meets the strictest environmental standards. As a specialized European provider with a well-established portfolio of proprietary technology, CNIM’s solutions have been successfully deployed around the world for more than 60 years.

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CNIM’s expertise in the construction of turnkey plants lies in its technological mastery of processes and in its ability to manage, within the deadlines and from a technical and contractual point of view, the thousands of interfaces with the stakeholders of a project. The proof of this is that the 17 plants delivered over the last ten years provide excellent performance on a daily basis.


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Environment - EPC and Projects Services


At CNIM, we believe that the training of operating personnel is key to the performance, availability and safety of Waste-to-Energy plants. CNIM ACADEMY was created to provide operators with the training most suited to their business. CNIM ACADEMY offers a range of solutions designed to develop and maintain the level of expertise of personnel, ensuring safe and optimal operation as regards both performance and equipment.

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Within the scope of an EPC contract, CNIM took responsibility for training the operator. An innovative learning and training approach was adopted. The task was undertaken professionally and collaboratively by CNIM ACADEMY.

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Digital tools for improving performance

The fourth industrial revolution is under way, driven by the digitisation of processes. To meet these challenges, CNIM has invested in developing tools and software designed to improve the availability and performance of its customers' facilities. These tools are dedicated to the energy and environmental efficiency of an installation throughout its life cycle, by improving human and technological performance.

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Services for waste-to-energy conversion plants

CNIM offers a wide range of services for the optimizing, maintaining, renovating and standards compliance of centers for energy recovery from waste. This expertise has been applied for the benefit of local authorities and the leading players in waste management, both in France and around the world, for the past 60 years. CNIM’s services are a guarantee of optimum environmental performance and profitability for the installed equipment.

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Maintenance of waste treatment plants

With half a century of experience in the operation of waste-to-energy plants, whether designed by its own teams or by other equipment manufacturers, CNIM is able to work on all types of energy recovery and flue gas treatment systems. This activity is also aimed at other sectors such as organic waste recovery and renewable energy. The technology used for the maintenance of such equipment makes it possible to reduce the operating costs of the plants and enables CNIM to maintain the public service mission of its clients.

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Integrated solutions for waste management

CNIM supports its clients over the long term in the management of domestic waste. The Group is able to intervene at every stage of a project – from design, assistance in financing preparation, installation and operation to maintenance.

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Recycling and organic resource recovery centers

Along with the supply of waste-to-energy conversion centers, CNIM also supports its clients with recycling and organic resource recovery, including material such as green algae. The Group provides facilities for waste sorting and recycling, compost production and mechanical-biological treatment to reduce residual waste.

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Treatment of hazardous waste

CNIM designs and operates systems for the treatment of hospital waste, which includes items that carry the risk of infection, along with sludge from water treatment plants. CNIM has wide-ranging expertise in all the processes involved in the treatment and recovery of these hazardous types of waste, all of which is carried out according to the strictest regulations. Whatever its nature, the material collected is integrated with the recycling of domestic waste, in order to optimize the cost of treatment.

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The advantage of Sterilwave is associated with the use of microwave technology in comparison with the solutions for the treatment of infectious waste by autoclave, which are much more restrictive in terms of installation and of operating costs.

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Boguslaw Lorecki
Director of the “Hospital Waste Management” business