Design and Manufacturing of Industrial Systems

Design and Manufacturing of Industrial Systems

CNIM provides turnkey, high value-added systems which include mechanics, electronics, optics, hydraulics and command & control systems. It can intervene throughout the value chain – FEED, design, manufacturing, assembly, installation and maintenance. The Group benefits from having international production resources of the highest standard. They combine large-scale capabilities with a high level of quality.


Number of people involved in design and production in CNIM Group teams

300 K

Total surface area of CNIM’s production sites worldwide


CNIM’s milling capacity

Engineering of complex systems

From systems design to on-site delivery, CNIM accompanies its customers throughout the whole project life cycle. The team defines and develops the appropriate technologies and processes that will guarantee performance, best cost solutions and operational safety. CNIM projects are distinguished by a high level of complexity.

Expert words

"We're always ready to capitalize on the 4th dimension, by using time as a driver for finding future solutions. Sometimes we're able to formulate technical responses by anticipating how they will come to fruition."


Eric Huet
Laser Mégajoule project manager for CNIM, La Seyne-sur-Mer, France

Industrial Manufacturing

CNIM has been able to challenge and renew itself since its days of  standard boiler making. Recognized in Europe for its know-how, CNIM now provides industrialization & manufacturing capacities for complex and large parts. CNIM invests continuously in its industrial facilities to keep it up top of the edge.

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Expert words

“The expertise of the engineering design and the methods combined with the experience in the manufacturing of high-precision large-sized parts enable CNIM to partner with industrial actors in demanding sectors and to provide high value-added products.”

Directeur Commercial, CNIM parole Expert JP

Jérôme Perrin
Sales & Business Development Director, CNIM Industrial Systems, La Seyne-sur-Mer, France


CNIM has been a major supplier of escalators since 1968, specializing in equipment for intensive use – mainly in subways. Most of them are still in use and are recognized for their quality and longevity. CNIM provides the design, installation and spare parts for its escalators, along with dedicated maintenance services for clients in China and Singapore.

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