Oceanwings® is a high-performance, automatic wingsail for use in shipping and yachting.
It allows a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption of freight vessels.

Key figures


Standard wingsail area


Noise and vibration


Fuel savings thanks to the use of wind energy

The power of sailing

Oceanwings® is the result of a high-performance wingsail concept, created by VPLP Design, our world-renowned partner and naval architect. This concept has been proven during the America's Cup: in 2009, Oracle won the race with this technological innovation.

The wingsail Oceanwings® is now industrialized by CNIM and is available for maritime transport vessels to race the oceans.

Fuel consumption reduction

By using a 100% clean, free and unlimited energy - the wind - merchant vessels with Oceanwings® can save up to 40% of fuel versus standard cargos. The wingsail software using real time and enhanced weather data guarantees optimized maritime transport route.

Thanks to Oceanwings®, freight ships lower their carbon footprint and reduce significantly their operating costs.

Automatic & simple

All the maneuvers can be executed automatically. Oceanwings® does not require any skills in sailing. Cargo personnel do not need to be trained.

The system is simple to use, directly interfaced with the steering system from the cargo's wheelhouse.

Quick to integrate, easy to maintain

Oceanwings® has type certification* and VPLP Design carries out wingsail implementation studies to obtain cargo class certification.

Aware of the challenges of maritime transport, both CNIM and VPLP teams propose a quick installation - within a few days only. The system is robust, the maintenance is easy, minimal and does not require freight vessel immobilization. 80% of the maintenance can be carried out by the crew.

*the performances of the product are certified and guaranteed by a third-party

Accessibility to ports

Equipped with sails that can be hoisted and lowered, and a retractable mast that rotates 360°, Oceanwings® allows cargo ships to pass below decks to access ports.

Industrial manufacture, optimized costs

Oceanwings® is a standard product, the basic unit of which offers 360 m² of sail area. Our partner VPLP Design adapts the number of masts to the size of the cargo ship for optimal sail propulsion.

Oceanwings®: simple, robust, safe wingsails

Installed aboard Energy Observer * since April 2019, Oceanwings® wingsails have demonstrated their strength and performance in all latitudes. Reduction in fuel consumption, easy implementation, automatic navigation, power propulsion... Oceanwings® wingsails are ready to be installed on board cargo ships and other maritime transport vessels from 2020.

* Energy Observer is the first hydrogen vessel, aiming for the energy autonomy, with zero greenhouse gas emissions or fine particles.

With Oceanwings®, become a pioneer in clean & efficient shipping.

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