Safe & precise handling systems

With long experience in nuclear projects, CNIM designs and manufactures innovative solutions tailored to the most demanding environments. Partner of choice in the manufacture of complex and special secure fuel handling systems, CNIM also puts its skills in electromechanical engineering and in command and control  into service for the safety of workers exposed to radiation risks.

Spent fuel transfer system in power plant

Manufacture, delivery, integration and maintenance, CNIM works with you at every stage of your planned roll-out of fuel handling solutions. To guarantee safety while transferring packages from the storage pool to the container, the system are fully automated. CNIM currently equips 23 power stations in France and internationally.

Photo: Spent Fuel Cask Transfer Facility (SFCTF).
19 units delivered to Nuclear Power Plants in France (EDF), China (CGNPC) and Finland (AREVA)

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Fuel handling & transferring system for geological storage

For POSIVA encapsulation plant, CNIM designs three remotely operated machines dedicated to handling and transferring spent fuel and spent fuel packages for geological storage. CNIM demonstrates its ability to engineer secured handling systems complying with international regulations, such as the Finnish Nuclear Safety Authority.

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Heavy and precise handling system

For the construction of the fusion reactor of the ITER project, CNIM designs and manufactures non-standard handling systems to position pieces weighing several tons to the millimeter. In May 2020, one of the tools was used to balance the ITER cryostat base, the heaviest piece of ITER (1250 tons), during its handling and final positioning in the tokamak.

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