Nuclear services

CNIM contributes to increasing performances, safety and the life extension by renovating systems, equipment and components of nuclear installations.

CNIM also maintains and repairs nuclear components during plant outages.

CNIM goes with its customers on key moments in the life of nuclear installations. These services include :

  • on-site intervention
  • system design
  • equipment manufacturing
  • assembly
  • on-site assembly

The added value of CNIM :

  • Recognized experience on our key functions (Handling, Containment, Treatment effluents, Filtration, Thermal).
  • Transversality of skills to meet design and integration challenges related to renovation.
  • Reactivity of teams on all sites in France thanks to a network of agencies in Paris, Lille, Rouen, Nantes, Bordeaux, Marseille, Lyon, Mulhouse and Metz.

Requalification of AHP heaters

Cattenom NPP (EDF) 

Component replacement in contaminated area

Spent Fuel Pool at Civaux NPP (EDF)

Welding in controlled area of iodin filter

Paluel NPP (EDF)

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