Complex systems in harsh environment

CNIM Group deliver complex systems for harsh environment such as high accuracy ground support equipment, fligh proven optical systems, remote handling systems

Optical Ground Support Equipment's

High Stability Opto-mechanical Pointing

Spectro-Radiometric Calibration

Optical and Mechanical Calibration

Instrumentation for Optical Quality testing


Photo credits: Bertin

Active on-board opto-electronics instruments

Electronics and opto-electronics


Photo credits: CNES / Bertin

Passive on-board opto-electronics instruments

ALTID Blocking filter

High stability Opto-mechanical Flight Models


Photo credits: ESA / Bertin

Remote handling system

8 tons payload vehicle

Innovative omnidirectional wheels drive


Photo credits: CEA / CNIM

High stability & accuracy mechanics

LMJ Reference and Target Positioner

20 µm target alignment accuracy

6 to 14,5 meters long arm

Photo credits: CEA / CNIM

Megajoule Laser program

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