Build-to-Print Nuclear Components

CNIM offers state-of-the-art industrial facilities of more than 300,000m² located in France (La Seyne-sur-Mer) and China, featuring large scale machining (turning, boring, milling), welding, heat treatment and non-destructive examination, clean rooms compliant with ISO and nuclear codes & standards such as ASME and RCC-M for the integration of high precision components.

Radial Plates ITER

CNIM supplies 35 Radial Plates of ITER fusion reactor Toroidal Field Magnets. Large stainless steel structures (14m x 9m x 110mm) manufactured with tight tolerance (0.1mm) in a dedicated temperature-controlled 3000m² industrial workshop, using a local vacuum Electron Beam welding process.

Control Rod Guide Assembly (CRGA)

Reactor Internals Components. 2 Series (180 CRGAs total) for the Chinese EPR Taishan 1&2 NPP supplied by TPI

Reactor Vessels and Internals

During 35 years, CNIM has produced major components for experimental reactors. CNIM manufactures the Reactor Vessel and primary internal components per RCC-MRx requirements for the Jules Horovitz Reactor (CEA)

The "horse saddle": 90° primary piping connection on the reactor RJH shell.

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