Advanced nuclear system manufacture

Manufacturing methods, CNIM designs, manufactures and integrates customised solutions, highly secure and compliant with national and international standards.

Large size, high precision mechanical structures

CNIM's teams allow construction of large size, yet very high precision systems. CNIM has made 35 radial plates (ITER tokamak structure) measuring 14 m x 9m, with a precision of around 0.1 mm difference compared to the planeness tolerance required.

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Complex systems

The core of the Jules Horowitz reactor (RJH) built in CNIM's workshops and fitted at Cadarache offers an example of the operational excellence of our machining. The extremely high precision of our manufacture allows reproducibility of the installation with minute differences from one assembly to the next. The battery pack is compliant with the ESPN (Nuclear Pressure Systems) standards. Holder of a patent, CNIM has contributed its unique expertise in electron beam welding while assembling very large size aluminium parts to comply with the French RCCM code (design and construction rules in nuclear environments).

Discover the manufacturing of the core of the RJH

Very high performance materials

CNIM contributes its state of the art knowledge of noble metals (specialised alloys and AG3NET metals, aluminium, duplex, Inconel, etc.) and composite materials (polyurethane and composition) to your projects. To confirm their efficiency in operation, CNIM also qualifies materials in a nuclear environment. CNIM designed the sealing membrane in polyurethane for confinement of the damaged reactor at the Chernobyl power station. All this expertise and its methods have guaranteed the safety of the site for 30 years. The membrane flaps guarantee resistance to the risks of torsion in the event of very severe storms and resistance to fatigue under the effects of radiation.

Chernobyl's new polyurethane membrane in video

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