Nuclear industry and Big science

Nuclear industry and Big science

CNIM is a leading international player in the nuclear industry, designing and producing systems, equipment and offering services for nuclear installations front end and back end of fuel cycle. CNIM also offers engineering support and technical expertise. In the field of large-scale scientific instruments, CNIM’s involvement in projects such as the Laser Mégajoule and ITER have demonstrated its ability to meet the most demanding technical requirements.


Additional requirement for nuclear-generated electricity worldwide over the next 10 years


Spent fuel transfer systems supplied by CNIM around the world

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Temperature of the plasma inside the ITER fusion reactor

Nuclear power sector

CNIM can intervene at every stage of the combustion cycle: enrichment, the construction and maintenance of nuclear reactors, the dismantling of nuclear plants and the treatment of nuclear waste. In addition, CNIM can also provide expertise, technical studies, along with a full range of monitoring and radiological measurement instruments.

Our solutions

Large-scale scientific instruments

CNIM offers a wide range of equipment and services to help national and international organizations meet the scientific challenges of the future. The Group is able to capitalize on its contribution to the Laser Mégajoule project, its industrial resources and its geographical location near Cadarache, France, one of Europe’s leading centers for energy research and development. In particular, CNIM and Bertin have pooled their resources to provide engineering support for the ITER Organization and the European Union’s Fusion for Energy (F4E) agency.