Heat networks and waste-to-energy plants

CNIM is an international player in waste treatment and waste-to-energy plants, and also supplies heat pumps & chillers to optimize the energy efficiency and environmental impact of such facilities.

CNIM provides turnkey, custom-designed 1MW and larger heat pumps & chillers.

CNIM’s heat pumps recover lost heat at waste treatment plants, such as heat energy contained in flue gas treatment systems, and reinject it to district heating systems. Equipment supplied by CNIM is generally powered by process energy, such as steam produced by biomass or waste-to-energy lines.

Favouring an all-round approach to customers' challenges, CNIM provides assets with a combined capacity of more than 110 MW, supplying heat networks across Europe.

Flagship projects

District heating network in Basel (Switzerland)

CNIM supplied two heat pumps with a combined capacity of 30 MW (equivalent to the annual consumption of 24,000 homes). These systems, powered by steam generated by biomass and waste-to-energy plants, are scheduled to begin operating in 2019.

Heat network in Brive (France)

A CNIM’s heat pump will recover low-pressure steam from a turbine exhaust, saving 40% of the steam and supplying 13 MW of hot water to the heat network of Brive.

The machine's steam generator will be extractable, to facilitate maintenance and comply with applicable regulations.

This heat pump will be installed in the course of 2019.

Cooling network in Helsinki (Finland)

A total of 10 refrigeration units were installed to supply chilled water to Helsinki's district cooling system during the summer. The units recover lost heat energy from the district heating system, harnessing it to power the 35 MW refrigeration plant. In view of the city's location, the cooling cycle is designed to operate using salt water from the Baltic Sea. Copper-nickel pipes were used, to prevent corrosion risks.

These refrigeration units were installed more than 20 years ago and are still operational today.

Geothermal energy (Lithuania)

In the Lithuanian city of Klaipėda, four machines driven by steam from a biomass plant recover lost heat from a geothermal well and inject it into the district heating system to provide it with 50 MW.

To ensure a long service life, titanium and other special materials were used for the heat pump evaporator subsystems. Indeed the water drawn from the geothermal well is highly corrosive and liable to erode pipes. CNIM’s heat pump are protected against corrosion and premature aging. 

Absorption heat pumps for district heating

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