Thermal storage with EMR’Stock

The EMR’Stock project, created with CNIM partner Babcock Wanson, aims to provide the storage and restitution of energy that is generated during production peaks - but cannot be absorbed by the national grid at the time.

This solution for the storage and restitution of energy is based on the recovery of excess, unused energy by transforming it into heat, and then storing it at high temperature. Such energy could be used for heating or could be transformed into electricity for the national grid. Its key advantage lies in being the most economical form of energy in terms of cost.
EMR’Stock is an R&D project led by Babcock Wanson in collaboration with CEA Tech, Cap Ingelec and ICnergie.

THERM’Stock will provide the first industrial prototype for an energy storage system based on the EMR’Stock studies and will be built by CNIM.

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