Emissions control and energy recovery

Emissions control and energy recovery

LAB, a CNIM Group company, offers a range of technologies and services of flue gas cleaning for the treatment of all kinds of emissions from Waste-to Energy plants, biomass installations, sludge from sewage treatment plants or from ships and diesel engines. LAB's solutions are designed to preserve air quality and reduce the volumes of final waste produced.


Reduction in NOx emissions from big combustion plants between 1980 and 2012


Plants worldwide are equipped with CNIM/LAB technology and systems for flue gas treatment


Of emissions reductions at CHP plants are achieved by the solutions offered by CNIM/LAB

Flue gas treatment

LAB designs, builds and commissions turnkey flue gas cleaning systems for Waste-to-Energy, Biomass-to-Energy, sludge incineration from sewage treatment plants, thermal power plants, industrial and hazardous waste activities or ships and diesel engines. Leader in its market sector, LAB has developed its own portfolio of processes, all of which comply with the European Best Available Techniques (BAT) standard. All of them guarantee even stricter pollutant emission limits than those required by the EU directives and comply with the latest version of incineration BREFs.

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Flue Gas Condensation Heat Recovery

Flue gas condensation heat recovery has become a major challenge for LAB’s customers as it significantly increases the energy efficiency of Waste-to-Energy plants or Biomass energy production facilities. LAB’s high-performance units for flue gas condensation can be combined with all available flue gas treatment processes.

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Exhaust gas purification for the marine industry

Thanks to its advanced and patented technologies both for DeSOx and DeNOx solutions, called DeepBlueLAB SOx™ and DeepBlueLAB NOx™, LAB’s Marine technologies comply with the current most stringent regulations (IMO regulation and ECA global SOx and NOx limits) and are ready for future evolution.

Standard or custom-based technologies are evaluated and proposed case to case to better fit the ships space availability and other specific requirements including Inline / Offline and Single / Multi-engine configurations.

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DeepBlueLAB NOx

A LAB dedicated team for marine and landbased applications with more than 20 years’ experience in SCR Technology offers reliable and cost-effective SCR Systems, designed for the strictest clean gas values. LAB SCR Systems are suitable for a large operation range of engine type and size as well as most fuels.

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Emissions control services

LAB optimizes and improves the energy and environmental performance of Waste-to-Energy plants or biomass energy production facilities. The wide range of services offered are designed to reduce operating costs and increase the plant availability and the lifetime of equipment.

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Expert words

Improvement of plant efficiency, reduction of emissions to the environment and Customers' satisfaction are the key drivers of LAB. Our most recent developments, both in the marine industry and in the processing of ashes, show our dynamism but also the constant evolution of our business and the geographical markets.

This keeps us motivated and enriches our skills based on over 60 years of experience, to ensure to our Customers our level of excellence which is the strength of our Company.

Directeur Général de LAB

Richard Budin
Managing Director of LAB