State-of-the art control means

Very high accuracy guaranteed

All the large size parts manufactured at CNIM's industrial workshops are compliant with strict dimensional control to guarantee a high level of quality.

The on-site control means and the highly qualified personnel enable to meet the most demanding manufacturing tolerances: a few μm on several meters long parts.

Tridimensional control adapted to large dimension

CNIM has both static & mobile control means, adapted to large dimensions and high precision:

ZEISS MMZ-G machine (8m x 4m x 3m), the largest in France

DEA Delta HA machine (5m x 3m x 2m)

4 Laser trackers for very large parts and 1 poly-articulated arm

5 people are COFFMET* certified . One of them is COFFMET 3, the highest level.

*COFFMET: French Committee for Training in Three-dimensional Measurement delivering internationally recognized certifications


The highest quality level of welds

CNIM is committed to deliver parts with high quality welds to ensure parts performance with non-destructive testing.

CNIM's staff has recognized expertise and is highly qualified by COFREND* for all welding NDTs.

COFREND has issued the following qualifications:

Visual testing (VT), 5 certified people, incl. 1 VT 3

Penetrant testing (PT), 12 certified people incl. 1 PT 3

Magnetoscopy Testing (MT), 5 certified people

Ultrasonic Testing (UT), including Phased Array and TOFD), 6 certified people incl. 1 UT 3

Radiographic Testing (RT), 3 people incl. 1 RT 3

Leak Testing (LT), including VP and GT, 5 people incl. 1 LT3

* COFREND: French independent certifying body for NDT results


CNIM also has an x-ray generator in a dedicated radiographic room to ensure the conformity and integrity of the welds on the thin parts.

A large-scale hot-leak testing machine is also being installed.



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