Special-purpose vehicles

Design and manufacture of special heavy-duty vehicles for severe or very specific uses.

Specific uses, harsh conditions

CNIM's teams transform existing heavy-duty vehicles for specific uses, with strict safety constraints, both on and off-road.

Projects are carried out by our design department dedicated to special military and civil vehicles and renowned for its multi-material expertise, its skills in mechanics, command & control systems and advanced boilermaking.

Thanks to their experience in the field of military and civil special vehicles, our experts ensure the safety of loads.


Key figures


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special vehicles manufactured

Sucess story

On-Road use: certificate of conformity

CNIM has been manufacturing special vehicles since 2003.

The Group is authorized to issue certificates of conformity allowing special vehicles to operate on the road network.

For the safe transport of radioactive packages or in the case of shielding, teams comply with the required standards and qualify the equipment.

Homologations françaises et européennes

L’ingénierie véhicule de CNIM monte les dossiers d’homologation des véhicules spéciaux et pilote les tests dans les laboratoires agréés.

En s’appuyant sur l’expertise des ingénieurs de la DREAL*, CNIM constitue également les dossiers d’homologation des véhicules spéciaux pour une mise en circulation dans l’Europe entière.

*Direction Régionale de l'Environnement, de l'Aménagement et du Logement

CNIM assure également le traitement des Réceptions de Véhicules Militaires effectuées par DGA et notamment les essais S-CAT 13006 (comportement routier et renversement).

Rare skills on the market

Specific military vehicles, engineering vehicles, transport of dangerous objects and loads, hydrogen propulsion... thanks to the diversity of the projects handled, CNIM has developed unique skills in the following key areas:

  • Architecture and engineering of special vehicles
  • Shielding
  • Workshops for construction welding, painting
  • Testing and Development
  • Vehicles legislation CE 2006/47, ADR,
  • CE Approvals (n° VIN VF9…860..)

A dedicated assembly line

CNIM La Seyne sur Mer on its Lagoubran site is equipped with an industrial tool adapted to the manufacture of transport vehicles

Three workshops with a total area of 7500 sqm allow the assembly/disassembly of special vehicles. They are equipped with overhead and semi gantry cranes from 5 to 12 tons, large size blast room (15x4x5m), large capacity spraying room/oven (15x4,5x5m).

Eight specialized operators are involved in all the assembly operations for these vehicles

Exemples de véhicules spéciaux développés par CNIM

TITAN : vehicle for heavy recovery on motorway

Titan is the first project of CNIM's special vehicles activity, based on the transformation of a Renault Magnum 6x4 into 8x4.

Thanks to the addition of a second steering axle brakes to the air suspension and the modification of the braking and steering systems, this vehicle now ensures rapid recovery of heavy vehicles on motorways.

Vehicle approval

Following tests carried out by the Spanish INTA laboratory, the RTI approval (Reception as an individual carried out by DREAL Nord) confirmed the vehicle's approval for road use.

SPRAT : a very huge exceptional vehicle for the French Army

The SPRAT or Rapid bridge layer system is a specific rolling basis of 3,2m wide (4m loaded), 4m high, 18m long and weighing 60 tons Gross Train Weight (GTW). Entirely developed by CNIM for the DGA, this system allows the crossing of dry gap up to 24 m wide, under ballistic protection. 10 vehicles have been in service with the French Army since 2010.

Highly mobile, the SPRAT can be deployed alongside LECLERC main battle tanks. Its offers exceptional performances: it reaches 80 km/h and can overcome many obstacles (60% sandy slopes, 0.8 m high freeboard wall, 3 m ditch ...).

Vehicle approval

The RVM approval (Military Vehicles Reception) required by French government was conducted by CNIM.
The SPRAT can be driven on the road, an essential advantage for the tactical deployment of this special vehicle.

Learn more about the SPRAT

VTM : safe and secure transport of chemical munitions from the First World War

Developed on the basis of a Renault Kerax 8x4, the Ammunition Transport Vehicle (or VTM) required perfect control of weight balance and safety constraints.

CNIM’experts developed an adaptation platform between the vehicle chassis (flexible) and the transport tank (very rigid) while ensuring the required performance.


CNIM entrusted Dynasafe with the engineering of the lightest possible tankCNIM produced the secure shell loading/unloading system and all safety justifications.

CNIM carried out validation tests and especially tests of mechanical resistance and watertightness to a simultaneous explosion of the shells transported.Three complete vehicles and a prototype have been delivered to the French  Ministère de l’Intérieur DGSCGC (Home Office).

Vehicle approval

CNIM has approved these special vehicles and issued the vehicle acceptance procedure RTI / CE 2007/46 and ADR (with the help of a body builder).

Discover the VTM

PFM trailers : special vehicles for the Engineering logistic

Composed of 10 m sections and 2 ramps, the elements of CNIM Motorized Floating Bridge (or PFM) are transported by special trailers.
In 2018, the DGA entrusted CNIM with the renovation of its crossing system. Equipped with off-road performance, the PFM trailer has been modernized and put in setting with ECE road regulation. 


At the same time, CNIM also supplied, transformed (design of the layout of the rear platform) and qualified a new Scania tractor, with and without armoured cab.

A total of 22 trailers were modified in series and approved in La Seyne-sur-Mer. CNIM produced the Certificates of Conformity for all the vehicles.

Vehicle approval

CNIM carried out the NKS reception (Reception as an individual) for Europe.

Lear more about the new capabilities of the motorized floating bridge

A vehicle with electric and hydrogen propulsion for less polluting deliveries

France has set itself the objective of eliminating polluting delivery vehicles by 2020 (Paris climate change deal). ADEME* has launched a programme entitled "Road vehicles and mobility of the future" to reduce vehicles' greenhouse gas emissions. GreenGT, as prime contractor, and its partners Air Liquide and Carrefour proposed a new project CATHy0PE : Camion grande Autonomie, fort Tonnage, Electrique - Hydrogène, 0 Pollution, Economique (In French).

CNIM is involved in the construction of this heavy-duty vehicle as a subcontractor. An electric truck with fuel cell (610Cv - 44 tons gross train weight and with a long range (1000 km / day).

More about the project on ADEME’s website: https://www.ademe.fr/sites/default/files/assets/documents/cathyope_fiche_laureat.pdf

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