Industrialization & Manufacturing

A preferred industrial partner

CNIM Systèmes Industriels (CSI) partners with large industrial companies, working with our customers to industrialise components for highly demanding sectors.

CSI produces large, heavy-gauge fabricated assemblies, for which high-precision execution is required as standard.

Vertical project integration

CSI operates a fully integrated manufacturing process, including inspections and full-scale testing.

Upholding the highest level of quality, CSI applies end-to-end supply chain management and regularly audits suppliers. CSI also keeps meticulous records relating to its manufacturing and inspection processes.

Expertise with multiple materials

Choosing the best solution

Drawing on multi-material expertise and extensive project experience, CSI's design department is able to suggest the most appropriate solutions, complying with even the most demanding specifications and challenging schedules.

CSI works proactively with customers to corroborate technical solutions and optimise the component industrialisation process.

Expertise in high-performance materials

CSI develops, welds, machines, inspects and assembles large, heavy-gauge components in the following materials:

Stainless steel: all grades

Aluminium alloys: 5083 - 6061 - 6082 - 7010 - 7020 - AS7G06 - AG3NET

Advanced and project-specific materials: Titanium, duplex/super-duplex alloys, Inconel, copper alloys, etc.

Adapting to each project

Custom design and manufacturing

CSI's creative, ingenious teams develop and qualify machining and welding processes to address customers' requirements. The same applies to treatment and inspection processes.

Investing in the future

At CNIM Systèmes Industriels, we continuously invest in our industrial facilities in order to maintain the necessary high standard of technology and performance to address customer requirements in high value-added markets.

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Training and hiring talent

CSI is committed to ongoing training for employees (COFREN certification, etc.), and we strive to recruit men and women with skills that will enhance our existing know-how and expand our expertise

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