Clean room integration

CNIM Industrial Systems is recognized for its know-how in the design-industrialization-manufacturing of large-scale equipment and systems meeting high performance and precision requirements. Our industrial tool is calibrated from A to Z for large parts.

Throughout the manufacture of high-performance optical systems, equipment for high-power lasers or operating in ultra-high vacuum, the maintenance of cleanliness over the production line is achieved at several levels, in particular thanks to parts dry machining, cleaning of elementary particles, cleanroom assembly and integration, cleanliness controls (Rasidual Gas Analysis - RGA) or even clean packaging. Our operators are specifically trained to work at very high levels of cleanliness.

Large dimension

CNIM Industrial Systems' clean room has a surface area of 220 sqm (interior dimensions: 18 m x 12 m) and a height of 4.5 m. It is equipped with lifting equipment with a 20-tons capacity. Its temperature is controlled to the degree to avoid any risk of parts deformation.

High level of cleanliness

The cleanliness level of our 220 sqm cleanroom is ISO 6.

CNIM’s operators working in the cleanroom have specific qualifications for cleanliness controls. They implement classical degassing control (RGA), particle detection and counting techniques required for these ultra-clean environments.

The air renewal rate per hour is equal to 50 times the volume of the room ensuring the level of cleanliness of the air.

Airlocks and washing cabin integrated into the installation

Our operators go through a dedicated airlock. CNIM’s clean room also has airlocks through which material and parts transit.

A washing cabin is also integrated into the cleanroom installation. Its dimensions - 3 m long, 1.6 m wide, 2.1 m high - allow the washing of large parts.

Expert workforce

CNIM Industrial Systems' operators are specifically trained for each project and fully dedicated to optimal efficiency. Their skills are regularly updated to maintain them at the highest level.

Soon a new very large cleanroom

A 2nd cleanroom will emerge at the end of 2020 in our industrial site of La Seyne-sur-mer. With a total surface area of 2500 sqm the new building will consist of a 1500 sqm ISO 8 clean workshop and a 1000 sqm ISO 6 clean room. They will allow assembly, molecular and particulate cleaning and qualification testing of large parts, up to 6 x 3 x 2 meters.

Three-dimensional controls will be carried out on site. A large-scale, high-precision, brand new ZEISS machine will be added to the current control means (four laser trackers and two medium-sized three-dimensional inspection machines).

Operators will be dedicated to this clean room, trained to work at these high levels of ultra-cleanliness and with robotic cleaning devices.

Aligning high-power laser beams

Today, large parts are assembled and integrated in series in our 220 sqm ISO 6 cleanroom, in service since 2012, set up for the needs of the Megajoule Laser project. The manufactured equipment allow high-power laser beams to be aligned and are very stable mechanical structures.


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