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Located in La Seyne-sur-mer, in the South of France, with direct sea access, CNIM's industrial facilities comprise more than 60,000 sq of workshops and tools dedicated to large and complex equipment & systems manufacturing.

CNIM manufactures according to the most demanding standards and codes of the industry (RCCM, RCCMX, ASME, CODAP, ESPN ...):






Large & complex machining

Vertical & horizontal turning machines

CNIM turning centers can machine parts up to 3.5 m long and 50 tons.

In September 2018, CNIM commissioned its 5th turning machine, which now manufactures the thrusters of the Ariane 6 launcher.

Large & high speed milling machines

Among its large and high speed machining centers, CNIM owns the INNSE Berardi milling machine equipped with a double gantry and a linear motor. Installed in an air-conditioned workshop to the degree, its large dimensions are suitable for large parts measuring up to 36 m long and 10 m wide.

Large machining - fabrication of ITER radial plates

Boring machines adapted to complex geometries

With its 5-axis head and rotative table supporting more than 40 tons, the PAMA SPEEDRAM 2000 machine is one of the boring machines that enables CNIM teams to perform very high-precision machining of large parts with complex and varied geometries.

Future investments 2019

To meet the manufacturing requirements of the aeronautics and space sectors, CNIM will commission a new production line using flow-forming technology.

For the semiconductor market, CNIM will also commission two new high-speed milling centers that will enable CNIM to produce complex aluminum structures, with a flatness accuracy of 50 μm over 5 m.

High-performance welding

Strong experience in electron beam welding

CNIM has more than 30 years of experience in electron beam welding of various materials, including materials that are known to be difficult to weld, such as AG3NET or Inox.

CNIM also masters all manual (TIG, MIG) and automatic welding technologies (TIG, TIG Narrow Gap, MIG, Orbital).

Welding methods expertise

CNIM guarantees the technical success achievements of welding operations by mastering top of the edge and specific operating procedures (QMOS, DMOS*), even on thick parts.

The CNIM IWT* experts and the welding method carry out a rigorous documentary follow-up allowing certification by recognized third-party notifiers.

*Procedure Qualification Record &Welding Procedure Specification

International Welding Technology

Composite & polyurethane workshops

Shaping world class performance organic materials

To meet the most demanding technical and economic requirements, CNIM masters entire process from design to manufacturing of large-size composite and polyurethane parts.


On the picture on the right: the high-pressure furnace, commissioned in early 2018 in CNIM's composite workshop.

CNIM's composite & polyurethane expertise

Large size clean room

Cleanroom assembly

CNIM has a ISO 6/7 clean room of 220 sq for assembly of large rooms (up to 5 m high).

This clean room makes it possible to meet the highest requirements, such as those of the CEA-DAM, for which CNIM has been manufacturing the Laser MegaJoule frequency conversion and focusing systems for French Deterrence for almost 10 years.

CNIM's contribution within the Laser MegaJoule project

Control means

The on-site control means and the highly qualified personnel enable to meet the most demanding manufacturing tolerances.

Our control means for high-precision & large parts

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Space, aeronautics, semiconductors, nuclear, large scientific instruments... CNIM participates in the largest industrial projects.

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